Things to Garnish a Sandwich Platter

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Arrange garnishes symmetrically on the platter for maximum visual effect.
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A sandwich platter must not only contain delicious food if you want your party guests to hover around it -- it must also look irresistible. One way to spice up the appearance of a sandwich platter is by garnishing it. Garnishes can be both edible and purely decorative. Find the right garnish for your sandwich platter by matching it to either taste or color. The right garnish can mean the difference between a memorable sandwich platter and an unforgettable one.


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Step 1

Use green garnishes to add a natural or healthy look to party sandwiches. Lettuce, parsley, spinach and arugula give party-goers the option of adding greens to sandwiches themselves. Garnish a platter with asparagus, celery or sliced cucumber to give guests the option of an extra crunch to go along with their sandwich. Pickles and olives have strong flavors, but go well with any deli-meat sandwich platter.

Step 2

Garnish a sandwich platter with red foods to augment taste and appearance. Use cherry or grape tomatoes, radishes or beets to add color to any sandwich platter. Add cherries, cranberries or strawberries to give some sweetness to any plate of sandwiches, especially peanut butter sandwiches.


Step 3

Add yellow foods to a sandwich platter to give it a bright look. Yellow cheeses will go quickly and match well with meat sandwiches. Use lemon rind or egg yolk to give some color to a green garnish.

Step 4

Top a platter with other garnishes, such as white cabbage, raisins or dates. Use potato chips as a garnish with a less formal sandwich platter.