How to Add Glitter Names to Fuzzy Christmas Stockings

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Things You'll Need

  • Newspapers

  • Stockings

  • White glue

  • Glitter

Embellishing a stocking with a glittery name adds a personal touch.
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Children still hang their stockings by the chimney more than two centuries after "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" made it popular. And with a little glitter and glue, you can personalize the fuzzy white border of a traditional stocking. Nontoxic materials and straightforward steps mean it's suitable even for your household's youngest crafters, making it a fun afternoon activity that the whole family can do together.


Step 1

Place newspapers on the table or floor where the craft work will take place. Glitter and glue might not be toxic, but they are messy.

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Step 2

Brush the nap of the furry cuff of the stocking flat with your hand, working in the direction of the grain of the fur. Smoothing the fur creates a solid foundation for the glue.


Step 3

Open the tip of the bottle of white glue to permit a thin, but uninterrupted stream of glue to leave the bottle. Test the stream of glue on a piece of spare paper or on the newspaper covering your work surface.

Step 4

Write a name on the stocking with the white glue, taking care not to smear the glue as it leaves the bottle. Smaller kids who are just learning the alphabet can use block print; older kids and adults might prefer elegant cursive letters or calligraphy styles.


Step 5

Sprinkle the wet glue liberally with glitter. Cover every visible bit of glue for a bolder design.

Step 6

Allow the glue to dry according to the manufacturer's directions.

Step 7

Pick up the personalized stocking and tap it gently over the spread-out newspaper to knock off any loose glitter. Set the stocking aside to dry thoroughly before filling or hanging it.


Choose different colors of glitter for variety.

You can make the design fancier with multi-step processes. After applying the first color of glitter and letting it dry, trace the outlines of the name and add a second color of glitter to create a two-tone image.

Add stars, holly leaves, wreaths or Christmas tree designs to the body of the stocking using the same glue-and-glitter technique.

Alternative methods for personalizing your stocking include glittery iron-on letters or writing glitter letters on a separate, non-fuzzy piece of fabric that can then be glued onto the stocking.


Don't get the stocking wet. White glue is water-soluble, so washing the stocking would remove the glittery name.

Avoid pressing too hard with the glue tip to prevent glue from seeping through and sealing the stocking closed.



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