How to Make a Cat Tail

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It is important to know how to make a cat tail when working on any type of cat costume. A few guidelines will help you on your way to creating the tail that will fit your costume.


Decide on the Type and Length of Your Cat Tail

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Cats come in different types, shapes and colors and so do their tails. In the main, you need to decide how long to make your tail and how full you want it to be. A piece of wire added inside your tail will allow you to shape the tail.

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Choose Materials and Method

The quickest way to make a tail is to stuff a knee high stocking or regular stocking leg full of stuffing. Once it is the size you want it to be tie a knot in the end. If using a pair of stockings, only fill one leg, tying a knot in the end of it, but leave the rest of the stocking as you may find it useful for attaching the cat tail to your costume.


If you have a fabric that matches a particular costume -- and there are many great animal print fabrics out there -- sewing the tail is the best idea. Fold your fabric in half and set out on a large work space. Cut a tail shape adding 1/4 to 1/2 inch all the way around. Turn the two pieces right side together and sew all the way down one side, around the end and up the other side. Leave one end open for stuffing. Turn the tail right side out and stuff.


Stuff the Tail

Buy batting at a craft store to use in stuffing your tail. Batting comes either flat or loose. Either style will work, but the loose batting will be easier to stuff into the tail shape. Stuff the tail to your desired fullness.


Attach the Tail

The quickest way to attach the tail to your costume is to use safety pins. Put on the costume and have someone help you decide where the tail should be attached. Mark this spot. Take off the costume. Put a safety pin through the tail and attach it to the costume in the spot you've chosen. Use multiple safety pins to assure a secure attachment.


Alternatively attach the tail to the costume with one safety pin and then thread a needle and sew the tail to the costume. Sew thoroughly, all the way around the tail. When it is firmly attached, pull the needle to the other side and tie a knot in the thread. Remove the safety pin.


Be sure all safety pins are completely closed and that the tail is not going to interfere with the normal movement of the wearer.



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