How to Make Your Bedroom Like a Dorm

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Things You'll Need

  • Twin bed frame and mattress

  • Desk

  • Dresser

  • Comforter

  • Throw pillows

  • Couch, futon or beanbag chair

  • Television

  • DVD player or game console

  • Miniature fridge

  • Microwave

  • Small cabinet or stand

  • College pennants or other decorations

  • Posters

Dorm rooms provide space for several types of activities.

Although dorm rooms sometimes feel like harsh, sterile environments, they also provide a one-stop location for sleeping, studying, eating and relaxing. Set up your bedroom like a dorm room to experience the college lifestyle when you are at home. This can be perfect if you are coming home during school breaks as a college student or if you are a high school student looking to figure out what to expect when you move to the dorms.


Step 1

Select very simple and inexpensive furniture. You need a basic twin bed frame, a small desk and a simple dresser. If your room is small, consider whether you can put your dresser in the closet to create more space. Another way to make space is to purchase a loft bed and put your desk underneath it.

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Step 2

Choose a colorful comforter and throw pillows for your bed. In a dorm room, the bed can act as a sofa if you set it up with pillows along the wall to make it more comfortable to sit on.

Step 3

Place an old couch, futon, beanbag chair or some combination of these in a corner of the room. This provides seating for friends who come to hang out. A college dorm room often has to double as a living room because students do not always have a separate area for hanging out.


Step 4

Set up a television with a DVD player or a game console. Choose a location where it is visible from the bed and the seating area. That way you can watch movies or play games during your down time or when your friends come over.

Step 5

Put a miniature fridge and a microwave on a small cabinet or stand in the corner of your bedroom. These allow you to store and cook simple foods without leaving your bedroom.


Step 6

Hang up college pennants, sporting event photos or other memorabilia that give you school spirit. If you have not attended college yet, choose your dream school to use in your bedroom decor.

Step 7

Put up posters of movies, celebrities, exotic locations or whatever you are interested in. Your walls are a place for you to show your unique personality and interests.


If you are not yet in college, choose items that you can pack up and take with you when it is time to move into the dorms. This saves you from having to purchase new items at that point.


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