How to Make a Calculator Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard box

  • Scissors

  • Acrylic paint

  • Newspapers or tarp (optional)

  • Smock (optional)

  • Scrap cardboard

  • Hot glue

  • Black sweatsuit

Create a mathematically inspired calculator costume.

A calculator can help you turn a complex math equation into a simple solution, but it can also help you solve your costume woes; use calculators as inspiration for an original and easy-to-construct costume. All you'll need to complete this project are inexpensive and easily accessible items like cardboard, glue and paint. Make the calculator costume as simple or detailed as you like, whether you choose to go with a basic pocket calculator design or a more intricate graphing calculator model.


Step 1

Cut arm holes and a neck hole out of a cardboard box with a pair of scissors. Discard the excess cardboard.

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Step 2

Paint the cardboard box with black acrylic paint on top of a covered workspace; use newspapers or a tarp to protect the surface, and wear a smock if you're concerned about damaging your clothing. Allow two to four hours' drying time.


Step 3

Cut coffee brick sized rectangular buttons out of your scrap cardboard. Paint these pieces white or another color of your choice and allow them to dry for two to four hours; afterward, add numbers and symbols you would see on a real calculator. Cut a longer rectangle from the scrap cardboard to use as the calculator screen and paint it dark grey.

Step 4

Hot glue your buttons and screen to the dried cardboard box. Put on your black sweatsuit and slip the box on over the top.


You can also use items like brown paper grocery bags or poster board to create the base for your calculator.



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