How to Turn a Corner When Crocheting

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Things You'll Need

  • Yarn

  • Crochet hook

  • Scissors

Create a border on your crochet project for added depth.

Whether you are crocheting a simple wash cloth or pot holder or working on a more complicated project, like an afghan or sweater, you will turn corners back and forth throughout your work. When you finish your project, you can add a nice border to secure and customize your work. To create square corners that lay flat and do not bunch up, you need to add stitches.


Step 1

Crochet an extra chain stitch at the end of the first row to prepare for the turn. This provides the extra length you need to turn the stitch without making the piece shorter or angling it. To create a proper square, or rectangle, you need to add a stitch to the first line.

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Step 2

Locate the loop in the chain next to the one you just made, and add in your next stitch. If you are on the chain line, your next stitch will be a single, double, slip, triple or treble stitch, depending on your pattern. Continue down the chain, adding your stitches according to your pattern until you reach the other end.

Step 3

Add a chain stitch at the end of each row of single crochets and slip stitches. Count to the end of your piece, so you have the proper amount of single crochet stitches, and then add the chain stitch. Turn your work and begin working back in the other direction.

Step 4

Crochet two chain stitches at the end of any line of double and double half crochets to give you the proper height that will keep your piece square. Turn your work around, and begin the next stitch on the top of the last single, double or other crochet stitch.


Step 5

Add three chain stitches at the end of your triple or treble crochet lines before you turn and begin your next line. Turn your project again, and begin your stitches as you did in previous steps.

Step 6

Finish the body of your crochet project cutting your yarn about six inches from your last stitch. Weave the tail of the yarn through the loop wrapped around your crochet hook. Remove your hook and pull the loop tight.


Step 7

Add a single crochet edge to finish your work. Start at one of the corners, and single crochet to the end of your work. Add three single crochet stitches in the same hole on the corner of your work. These stitches allow you to turn the corner and leave it square. Continue to the next side with single crochet stitches all the way down. Add three stitches to the next corner in the same hole.


Step 8

Continue your border until you reach your final corner, the one you started with. Crochet two single crochet stitches in the hole right before your starting hole. Connect your stitches to your first stitch using a slip stitch.

Step 9

Cut your yarn another six inches from your final stitch. Push it all the way through the loop around your needle and pull tight. Weave your tails into your work so they are secure.


Do not knot your yarn or you will have awkward bumps throughout your work.


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