How to Make a Paracord Cross Necklace With Two Strings

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Things You'll Need

  • 20 feet of 550 paracord

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

  • Lighter or match

Two pieces of paracord are needed to make a square weave necklace.

Paracord is a strong a durable material, initially designed for parachutes. Paracord comes in a variety of thicknesses and colors, providing an interesting visual statement while being light enough to allow you to carry multiple feet of this useful material. Many people commonly make necklaces with it using a square weave and two lengths of paracord, crossing them over repeatedly.


Step 1

Cut two equal lengths of paracord to approximately 10 feet. One foot of paracord is usually equal to one inch of finished necklace length.

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Step 2

Grasp the white cotton inner threads with your fingers. Slide them out of the outer paracord sheathing.


Step 3

Lay out each length of paracord so that they cross in the middle, forming a "+" sign.

Step 4

Fold the vertical section over the horizontal piece. Fold the horizontal strand on the left over the two vertical lengths. Slide a pencil through on the two pieces to form a small loop which you will use to attach the necklace around your neck when you're done.


Step 5

Fold the right strand of the vertical length up over the horizontal pair. Fold the right horizontal strand over the right and under the left vertical pieces.

Step 6

Pull the four strands together tightly. Note the square weave pattern.


Step 7

Fold the top and bottom vertical strands over the square you just made. Do not cross them over each other.

Step 8

Bring the right horizontal strand over the right-hand vertical strand. Loop it under the left vertical strand and leave some slack for now.


Step 9

Loop the left horizontal strand over the left vertical strand, then bring it under the right vertical strand.

Step 10

Pull all four sections tight. Remember to do this after every section is completed. Repeat the braiding steps until the necklace is the length you want.


Step 11

Tie a double knot at the loose end, small enough to fit through the loop at the opposite end, but not so small that it will pop out.

Step 12

Finish the ends of the paracord by slightly melting the ends with flame from a lighter or match. Allow a few seconds for the ends to cool, then test fit the piece.


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