How to Make a Beehive Out of Yarn

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Things You'll Need

  • 5-inch plastic or Styrofoam egg

  • 1/3 skein beige worsted yarn

  • Craft glue

  • 1.5-inch bumblebees made of pipe cleaners or pompoms

  • Scissors (blunt-edge safety scissors are fine)

Wrap beige yarn to make a realistic-looking beehive.

Teachers can use the craft of making beehives as an elementary-level segue to teaching kids about the happenings of springtime or as a final art project to wrap up the study. Making a beehive out of yarn is an educational craft that gives kids something to buzz about. They can hang their beehives in the classroom or take them home. Yarn beehives prove to be whimsical decorative conversation pieces that are easily assembled and don't require sharp or harmful objects to make.


Step 1

Cut a 12-inch strand of yarn. Set this aside.

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Step 2

Place a 1/8-inch dot of glue on the very top of the egg and press one end from the large yarn ball on it to fasten it to the egg. Hold it in place for a moment, flattening the end to the tip of the egg.


Step 3

Fold the strand you set aside in half and tie a knot 2 inches from the loose ends. Glue the knot at the tip of the egg on top of the yarn strand. Glue one of the loose 2-inch strands of yarn to one side of the egg, and the other to the other side of the egg, flattening them. Let these dry. This will be the hanger for the beehive.


Step 4

Spread glue over the top quarter of the egg. Hold the unglued end of the egg in one hand, horizontally with the unused yarn ball in front of the egg. Press the yarn from the yarn ball onto the surface of the egg, starting at the tip while revolving the egg away from you. Push the yarn strands against the ones next to them, ensuring that the egg does not show between the strands.


Step 5

Spread more glue evenly toward the middle of the egg and continue wrapping until you reach the middle. Turn the egg and hold the covered side in your other hand.

Step 6

Spread glue evenly on the next quarter of the egg. Wrap the egg with yarn in the same manner. Spread glue over the end of the egg and wrap until you get to the very bottom. Put an 1/8-inch drop of glue on the tip and press the yarn onto it. Cut the yarn. Place a drop of glue onto the cut end and press it down so that it won't fray or stick out.

Step 7

Glue bumblebees randomly on the sides of the beehive. Hang it by the loop at the top.



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