How to Make a Ric Flair Costume

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A Ric Flair costume is the perfect apparel to show off your inner wrestler this Halloween. It's an easy DIY Halloween costume that requires, at minimum, a fancy decorated robe with matching wrestling boots and shorts plus a Ric Flair costume wig. Add a feather boa and a championship belt for a deluxe DIY costume of the Nature Boy.


Things You'll Need

  • Fancy robe

  • Feather boa

  • Sewing machine or hot glue gun with glue sticks

  • Fabric paint

  • Glitter

  • Wrestling boots or similar tall boots

  • Spray paint (optional)

  • Swim trunks such as Speedo

  • Blond or white wig

  • Wide belt such as a weightlifting belt

  • Craft foam

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Make Ric Flair Costume Robe

1. Check your closet and thrift stores

Scour your closets or the thrift stores for any satiny robe or even a geisha-style robe that already has loads of detailing on it. A robe with sequins on it is ideal.


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2. Attach feather boa

Attach cuttings from a feather boa around the sleeve openings and around the neck area almost down to your waist. If you enjoy using a sewing machine, sew the boa on with a zigzag stitch. A hot glue gun works well if sewing isn't an option, or you could even just wear the feather boa so it drapes down the front of the robe instead.


3. Write Nature Boy on back

The Nature Boy has his name spelled out on the back of his robe, so copy the style of lettering from an image showing the back of his robe. Use fabric paint to write the words out on the robe; then apply a spray adhesive atop the letters and sprinkle glitter on them while the adhesive is wet. Embellish various areas of the robe with the fabric paint and glitter to give it that deluxe professional wrestler robe look.


Add Pro Wrestling Costume Parts

1. Make wrestling boots

A pro wrestler wears high wrestling boots, so either wear costume wrestling boots from a Halloween retailer or make your own costume boots from any tall, tight boots from a thrift store or your closet. Spray paint the boots to match the robe color.


2. Wear tight, short swim trunks

You'll also need some tight shorts to match the color of your wrestling outfit. Swim trunks such as those from Speedo work, or, in a pinch, just wear men's bikini-style briefs. Ideally, the cosplay boots, swim trunks and robe should match.


3. Add a light wig

A bleach blond or even white wig is another necessary part of a Ric Flair Halloween costume. Look for a wig with somewhat straight, slightly wavy hair. It could be nearly shoulder length for a retro style or a little shorter. If you already own a blond wig, you may be able to reshape it a bit to resemble Ric Flair hair.



Make a Wrestling Championship Belt

1. Find a wide belt

Since the professional wrestler Nature Boy won world championships in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), a championship belt is a nice addition to your DIY Halloween costume. Start with a wide belt such as a weightlifting belt.


2. Decorate the foam belt additions

Add bits of craft foam cut to the shape and size of the various embellishments that go on the belt. Work from an image of any championship belt you wish to recreate. Spray paint the belt and the craft foam pieces as needed to recreate the look of any particular championship belt.

3. Glue foam decorations onto belt

When the paint dries, use hot glue to attach the foam pieces to the belt. Your Ric Flair costume is complete.



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