How to Make Pants Tighter Without Sewing

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Baggy jeans can be temporarily tightened with proper washing.

Pants, especially jeans, have a tendency to stretch and get baggier as you wear them because the fibers in the pants are stretching and uncoiling. This is neither comfortable nor flattering. Altering pants is a great way to make them permanently tighter, however there are some quick fixes that obviate the use of a needle and thread. Unfortunately, not all of them are permanent and may only last one wear.


Things You'll Need

  • Large pot

  • Tongs

  • Buttons

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Step 1

Wash your pants alone, or with similar colors, on the hottest wash cycle. If you don't have a hot cycle on your washing machine, soak the pants in a pot of boiling water.

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Step 2

Remove the pants from the washer after they have gone through the full cycle. If you used the pot method, use tongs to remove the pants after they have soaked for 10 minutes and put them into the dryer.


Step 3

Dry the pants on the hottest cycle. Check periodically to see if they are dry and remove them when there is no moisture left. Be careful handling the pants, as any metal detailing may be very hot.

Step 4

Add an extra button at the waist if you still want your pants tighter. You can buy buttons from a specialty store that simply attach to the pants by means of a tack and back cover. Place the button to the left of the original button, when you are looking at the pants.


When you first get pants, wear them as many times are possible before you wash them. Washing wears out the elastic in the pants and can’t be regained.



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