How to Make a Jumpsuit Into a Dress

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Things You'll Need

  • Seam ripper

  • Scissors

  • Pins

  • Thread

  • Sewing machine

Transform a flamboyant jumpsuit into a classic dress in just a few steps.

Jumpsuits are a trend with recurring popularity, but the look isn't for everyone. Fortunately, if you find a jumpsuit you like in color, fabric or design, transforming it into a dress is not difficult, even if you don't like wearing jumpsuits. This is also a great way to transform a garage sale find into a charming dress. When choosing a jumper to turn into a dress, look for one with loose-fitting legs, unless you want to end up with a very formfitting dress. Additionally, keep in mind that the necessary front seam will be more discreet on patterned fabric.


Step 1

Use the seam ripper to pull out the hem, inner leg, and crotch seams. When you are finished, you should have what looks like a dress with a piece missing in the middle.

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Step 2

Turn the jumpsuit inside out and put it on. Assess how the sides of the jumpsuit fall from the hip and how much excess fabric you have in the now-separated legs that needs to be transformed into a smoothly lying skirt.


Step 3

Pin the front legs together, pulling the excess fabric towards you. The challenge will be ensuring the crotch of the jumpsuit -- the portion that spans the pelvic region -- continues to lie flat once you pin the legs together. Once the front is pinned, repeat the process on the back of the jumpsuit.


Step 4

Stitch the legs together along the pinned line, working hard to minimize the small pucker that will appear at the top of your seam, where the former legs hit the crotch. Turn right side out, and try on. Adjust if necessary.

Step 5

Trim the excess fabric from the inside of the seam you just sewed. The wider the jumpsuit's pant legs were, the more extra fabric you will have.

Step 6

Hem the jumpsuit to the desired length. Trim, then iron a double hem at the bottom of the dress. Pin and stitch all the way around.


If your jumpsuit is very billowy, and you are having difficulty keeping the pieces separate while pinning, try working on a wide, suspended surface -- like an ironing board -- where you can work with the jumpsuit one side at a time.

To convert a jumpsuit to a mini dress, simply cut the legs off and hem.



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