How to Make a Clip-On Tie From a Regular Tie

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Even someone who is accustomed to wearing a necktie on a regular basis may long for the ease of a clip-on tie from time to time. Young boys who are just starting to wear ties are likely perplexed as to how they should fashion the appropriate knot. A clip-on tie is the ideal solution, but you may only be able to find a desired tie in traditional form. You can convert a traditional necktie into a clip-on with a little trimming, glue and the appropriate hardware. With a custom clip-on tie, you will no longer have to solve a puzzle around your neck before beginning your day.


Tying a necktie is an imposing task for a young boy.

Things You'll Need

  • Tie

  • Clip-On Tie Hardware

  • Hot Glue

  • Scissors

Step 1

Tie the necktie as you would traditionally wear it. Use a human or stuffed animal as a model, if desired.


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Step 2

Loosen the tie and slip it over your head, or the head of your model. Keep the knot intact. Pull the ends of the tie to return it to the proportions it has when you are wearing it. It should look exactly as it would appear if it was tied properly around your neck.

Step 3

Turn the tie over so that the front of it is face down on your work surface. Cut the neck portion from the tie with scissors. Leave 1 inch of fabric on each side of the tied knot.


Step 4

Open the tie clip. Apply hot glue to the long, flat side of the clip. Press the clip into the center of the knot. The top edge of the clip — where the hinge is — should be slightly lower than the top of the tie's knot.

Step 5

Fold one of the 1-inch tabs of fabric over, toward the middle of the tie. Lay it over the glued half of the clip. Flatten the fabric as much as possible so that it does not hinder the clip from latching properly. Do not cover the rubber stopper at the bottom of the clip.


Step 6

Apply a pea-sized bead of hot glue between the clip and folded fabric to secure the fabric to the backside of the knot. Repeat the process with the other tab of fabric.

Step 7

Close the clip-on fixture.


You should be able to find a clip-on fixture in a fabric or craft store. If you cannot find one, you can take apart a clip-on tie you no longer need.



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