How to Felt Drawers

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Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper

  • Scissors

  • Butter knife

  • Heavy-weight felt

  • Sewing or quilting pins

  • Double-stick carpet tape

  • Measuring tape

Line dresser drawers with felt to protect easily-scratched jewelry such as pearls.
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Before self-adhesive cabinet and drawer lining became available, many homemakers lined shelves and drawers with paper or fabric. Felt is ideal for lining drawers housing fine jewelry, china, cutlery, and crystal or glass. It's softness protects delicate pieces, and because it isn't woven the fabric won't fray after you cut it. Making a quick template ensures a perfect fit, and with a bit of double-stick carpet tape, the felt liner stays in place until you are ready to remove it.


Step 1

Cut a piece of newspaper 6 inches longer and wider than the bottom of the drawer. Center the paper in the drawer bottom and smooth it out, working from the center out. Press the paper into the the corners of the drawer and around the edges.

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Step 2

Use a butter knife to make deep creases in the paper where the bottom of the drawer meets the sides. Remove the paper. Cut the newspaper on the crease to make a paper template for the felt liner.


Step 3

Test-fit the template in the drawer. You may need to trim the edges for a perfect fit.

Step 4

Place the felt fabric on a smooth, flat surface. Rest the template on the felt and pin the two pieces together at the center. Smooth out any wrinkles and then pin the corners of the template to the fabric. Cut out the felt, remove the pins and test-fit the liner in the drawer. Trim the edges as necessary.


Step 5

Position the felt liner in the drawer. While keeping the edge closest to you in place, fold the back edge of the liner toward the front. Cut a 2-inch piece of double-stick carpet tape and remove the backing on one side. Stick the tape to the exposed drawer bottom near the center of the drawer and remove the second piece of backing. Carefully unfold the felt liner and reposition it to fit the drawer bottom. Push the felt firmly against the adhesive.


Step 6

Measure and note the length and width of the drawer. Cut two pieces of carpet tape 1 inch shorter than the length of the drawer. Cut two more pieces of tape 1 inch narrower than the width of the drawer.

Step 7

Fold one outer edge of the liner toward the taped center. Position the double-stick tape along the edge of the drawer bottom and press it in place. Carefully unfold the felt and press it onto the tape. Repeat with the remaining three sides.


Strong double-sided craft tape can be used in place of carpet tape.


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