How to Troubleshoot a Larson Tradewinds Retractable Screen

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Larsen makes window, doors and retractable screens for your use at home. They have several styles of retractable screens, including screens for their doors and windows or screens for third-party windows. If you have problems with your retractable screen, take a few minutes to do some troubleshooting and possibly find a simple solution to the problem instead of sending the screen away for service or replacing the screen all together.


Step 1

Reset the rolling mechanism if your screen is stuck. You can do this by placing one hand in the middle of the materiel on the inside and the other hand on the outside of the screen. Pull the screen down about six inches and release it. This will reset the rolling mechanism. If this doesn't work, slide the screen assembly off the top of the screen and make sure the screen is seated properly in the brackets on each side.


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Step 2

Confirm the screen is inserted in the track if the screen is blowing in and out to much. If the screen needs to be re-aligned, close the window all the way and then re-open it.

Step 3

Cut any loose material off the edge of the screen if the material becomes loose or frayed. If the fray is rolled up in the top of the screen and is causing the screen to stick, slide the screen assembly off the top of the screen and cut off the loose material. Do not remove the screen roll.

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