How Long Does it Take to Install an Above Ground Pool?

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An above ground pool is less costly than its in-ground cousins and it can take as little as a day to assemble and install one.

Above ground swimming pools are excellent alternatives to in-ground pools if cost is a factor. Also, most above ground pool kits come with assembly and installation instructions for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. If you have enough help and prepare sufficiently it can take less than a day to install some above ground pools.



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Ground Preparation

In most cases, you'll need to prepare the ground under your pool, which can include removing sod, leveling the soil and installing a foundation of sand. This can take several hours.

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Frame Assembly

The pool's frame assembly requires a solid foundation to sit on. This can be patio stones embedded flush with the ground. While this is being done, have others assemble the frame. With enough help, this should take several more hours.


Liner Installation

Installing the vinyl liner is the most delicate part of the installation and care should be taken to avoid rips and tears. The liner should be carefully examined for damage before punching out skimmer and water return line openings. This process can also take a few hours.



If you only have one or two helpers plan on taking a weekend to install an above ground pool. Consult local municipality swimming pool codes for any ground preparation, installation and pool filling regulations. Also, certain types of above ground pools can be installed right over grass, eliminating the need for sod removal.


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