Uses of Vacuum Pumps

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Vacuum pumps are used for a number of different industrial and scientific purposes.

Vacuum pumps are devices that remove gas from a sealed space in order to create a partial or full vacuum. Originally invented by Otto von Guericke in 1650, vacuum pumps are commonly used for a variety of industrial and scientific purposes. There are several different kinds of vacuum pumps, including positive displacement pumps, momentum transfer pumps and entrapment pumps.


Freeze Drying Process

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Vacuum pumps are commonly used during the process of freeze drying materials such as perishable foods. During the freeze drying process, pressure is added to frozen foods using a vacuum pump and heat. This causes the frozen water in the food to skip the liquid phase and go directly from a solid to a gas. Freeze drying is commonly used to preserve perishable items over long periods of time, such as during shipping and storage.


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Medical Applications

Vacuum pumps are regularly used in medical processes where suction is required. They are also used in medical applications such as Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery.

Coating Processes

Vacuum pumps are used in the coating of certain items, including vacuum coating for decoration and glass coating. Vacuum coating is a mechanized procedure used to apply coatings to certain materials in which a material is conveyed through a coater, or application changer, at a fast, constant speed. Hard vacuum coating is used for engines in Formula 1 cars. Depending on the type, vacuum coating can be used for decoration, durability or even energy saving measures.


Air Conditioning Service

Vacuum pumps are used to remove contaminants from AC systems before they are charged with refrigerant.

Flight Instruments

Most aircraft use vacuum pumps to drive certain flight instruments. Flight instruments can be divided into pressure measuring and gyroscopic instruments. The gyroscopic instruments are the type that can be vacuum pump driven.