How to Cut Fringe Sleeves on a T-shirt

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Modify plain T-shirts into something flashy with fringe on the sleeves.

T-shirts are wonderfully comfortable, but they can also be quite plain. If you're not ready to give up the comfort of your T-shirt, but you want to add a little pizzazz to your outfit, modify your T-shirt by adding fringed sleeves. Fringed sleeves give you a fun bare-armed look while adding some swishing motion to your outfit. Fringing the sleeves on your T-shirt requires no sewing at all, as T-shirt jersey does not fray.


Step 1

Lay your T-shirt out flat on a working surface.

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Step 2

Cut away the finished hem on both T-shirt sleeves. This leaves the sleeves about 1inch shorter than they were. If you want to make the sleeves even shorter, now is the time to do so.


Step 3

Cut a series of straight lines from the bottom of the sleeve up to a point just before the shoulder seam. The further apart your lines are, the thicker the fringe will be. Continue until both sleeves are fringed.

Step 4

Tug on the end of each piece of fringe light, causing the jersey fabric to roll up on itself. This separates each piece of fringe from the other, giving the entire T-shirt a more finished look. This also helps the T-shirt fringe swing freely.


Fringe the bottom edge of the shirt as well for a bohemian look.

Thread beads on the end of each piece of fringe and knot the fringe to keep the bead in place.



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