How to Make Stickers Stick to Plastic Permanently

Adding stickers to a plastic item gives it pizazz, yet the adhesive on the backs of stickers is usually not permanent. Inexpensive stickers tend to look ragged over time, and frequent use of the plastic item results in the edges of the stickers peeling back, getting dusty or soiled and ruining the look of your craft project. Make your stickers adhere to the plastic surface permanently by using the correct products.

Permanently adhere stickers to plastic surfaces using decoupage glue. (Image: Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Things You'll Need

  • Decoupage glue

  • Foam craft brush

  • School glue (optional)

  • Fine grit sandpaper (optional)

  • Soft cloth (optional)

Step 1

Peel the backs off the stickers, stick them on the plastic item and smooth them down with your fingers to ensure a good seal with are no wrinkles or air bubbles.

Step 2

Dip the foam craft brush into the decoupage glue. It only takes a small amount on the edge of the brush to provide adequate coverage.

Step 3

Brush the decoupage glue over the sticker and surrounding plastic surface in a back-and-forth motion.

Step 4

Wait for the decoupage glue to dry for about 15 to 20 minutes before applying another coat.

Step 5

Add another coat to the plastic surface and wait for it to dry. Apply more coats if you desire a thicker seal, but allow each coat to dry well in between.


School glue also works well to seal the stickers onto the plastic, although it will not be waterproof. Apply it in the same manner and allow the plastic to dry completely in between coats.

Sand the plastic item lightly after it dries if you don't like the ridges or brush marks on the plastic. Do this with a fine grit sandpaper, and wipe off any sanding residue with a soft cloth before applying another coat of the decoupage glue.

Decoupage glue comes in many formulas that are matte or glossy. Choose one that is formulated for use on vinyl, plastic or Plexiglas for the best results.

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