How to Make a Socrates Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • White fabric

  • Gold-colored rope or gold chain

  • Wire

  • Floral tape

  • Fake bay leaves

  • White or gray yarn

  • Latex glue

  • Safety pins

  • Sandals

  • Parchment paper

You can make a Socrates costume easily at home.

Socrates was a classical Greek philosopher and is recognized as one of the chief founders of Western philosophy. His life, words and ideas are known only through the writings of his students: Plato, Aristotle and Aristophanes, among others. There are many representations of Socrates in art from the first century B.C. up to the present, making him an easily identifiable historical figure. For a simple but unique Halloween costume, dress as Socrates. You can make this costume at home with no sewing and just a little effort.


Step 1

Cut your fabric to size. Most people will need around 4 yards of length. If you are a larger person or a small child, add or subtract a yard. This is not an exact measurement, and you can adjust the draping to fit you later. If you are buying fabric in a 60-inch width, fold it in half so you have a doubled-up piece that is 30 inches wide by 4 yards long.


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Step 2

Wrap your toga. Wind your fabric at least one and a half times around your waist. Put a safety pin through the layers to secure it. Throw the loose end of the fabric over one shoulder. Bring it down to your waist again. Pin the edge at your waist. If the fabric is too long, cut off the extra or wrap it a bit more.


Step 3

Tie a length of gold-colored rope or chain around your waist, over all the layers of toga.

Step 4

Construct your laurel wreath. Shape a thick wire into a U-shape that can sit on top of your head like a crown, open edge facing forward. Wrap the wire with green floral tape to cover it. Attach your fake leaves with the tape so that the pointed ends of the leaves face forward.



Step 5

Unravel some white or gray yarn so that you end up with frizzy strands. Paint your lower face with latex glue and attach the strands of yarn all over. Trim the yarn into a beard shape.

Step 6

Wear plain leather strap sandals or bare feet. Carry some rolled-up parchment-colored paper.



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