How to Make a Pinocchio Costume

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Costume parties are an absolute smash to visit. If you're looking for ideas, what about putting together a Pinocchio costume? Remember when we were children ourselves and fairy tales were read to us? What about how we were so amazed that we made Halloween costumes out of them? We were entranced by charm, wit, joy, magic and more. There are so many wonderful characters, and one of the most delightful characters we know and love is Pinocchio.


That is why he among other fairy tale characters makes for a fun DIY costume. This costume is a relatively easy one to put together too! Pinocchio is a relatable and loveable character that today's children are still interested in. Not only does this story have depth and a deeper meaning to it as well as a lesson to be learned but the tale's visual elements make it even better. Pinocchio's nose started growing when he lied, and thus toward the end of the story, he had a very big nose to say the least. Whether you are going for the look of Disney's ‌Pinocchio‌ or the version from the movie ‌Shrek‌, both are pretty similar, and you can get crafty by putting this costume together. Just the pure presence of a magical puppet is sure to make any costume party a hit!

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When it comes to making a Pinocchio costume, you can easily create a fantastic no-sew version of the beloved character whose wish was to be a real boy and not a puppet. You'll need to gather some supplies to put the whole costume together. All it takes are some easy-to-use materials that you can quickly pick up at your local craft or thrift store and you're in business to recreate the beloved character.


Things You'll Need

  • Paper

  • Yellow paint

  • Red feather

  • Hot glue

  • Long, thin balloon

  • Newspaper or tissue paper

  • ModPodge

  • Glue

  • Flesh-colored shade of paint

  • Hole punch

  • Liquid latex or flesh-colored elastic

  • Yellow T-shirt

  • Red shorts

  • White collar

  • Black vest

  • Blue bow tie

  • White gloves

How to Make a Pinocchio Costume

1. Make Pinocchio’s signature yellow hat

If there is one thing that catches the eye of someone watching ‌Pinocchio‌, it's his signature yellow hat. This is one of the top elements of the costume next to his nose, of course! This hat is sort of similar to that of another fairy tale character—Peter Pan. Pinocchio's hat—the one with a red feather in it—is cleverly made by crafting it out of a piece of paper.


To begin, take a piece of paper and paint the whole sheet yellow. Then, leave it to dry. Once dry, create a basic cone shape, folding each corner to the center of the paper. Afterward, you can place it on your head with the two corners held together by your fingers and adjust the hat size using the corners. Once you find a good fit, taping them together will create your hat shape. But we can't forget the red feather! These are easily found at craft stores or even your local dollar store. Use hot glue to add the feather to the side of the hat.


2. Make a Pinocchio nose

Pinocchio's nose is definitely his signature quirky trait. It is easy to craft a nose that can rival the cartoon character himself. All you will need are a long thin balloon and some basic paper-mache supplies, which are some newspaper or tissue paper, ModPodge and glue. Inflate the balloon to about 5 or so inches long and paper-mache it. Once you've finished, leave it out to dry.


Once it is dry, remove the balloon by releasing the air slowly. Then comes the fun part: painting it! Use a flesh-colored shade of paint on his long nose, which is definitely an integral part of this exciting Halloween costume. After that has finished drying, grab a hole punch and place two holes at the opening of the nose.



There are two ways that you could attach Pinocchio's nose to a face. You can attach it using liquid latex, or another way to do it is to grab some flesh-colored elastic, attach it to the nose, place it around the head and wear it like a headband.

3. Pull it all together

After you have finished creating all the other elements of your Pinocchio costume, it is time to grab all of the other items to tie the whole costume together. The other items that you'll need to finish the costume are a yellow T-shirt, red shorts, white collar, black vest and a blue bow tie. You could easily make a bow tie out of paper and some tape if you can't find one. Finally, add some white gloves just like the beloved Disney character wears and you have yourself your very own handmade DIY Pinocchio costume that you can enjoy for years to come.


This sweet and beloved puppet, who eventually turned into a real boy, makes for a classic yet timeless and fun costume that everyone can enjoy!



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