Instructions for How to Make a Toga out of a Sheet

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Things You'll Need

  • Flat sheet

  • Safety pins

  • Rope or ribbon (for women)

A sheet toga is a simple idea for an office costume day.

The toga is the essential costume for a toga party and a simple costume for Halloween or any other costume party. Immortalized in the film "Animal House," a toga made from a plain bed sheet is in some ways synonymous with college fraternity parties. Making your own toga out of a bed sheet requires no sewing or advanced costume design experience, so it is perfect for a classic, last minute costume or for use in low budget theater. Turn a sheet into a male or female toga in a matter of minutes.

Make a Men's Toga

Step 1

Hold the sheet up at your waist, with the long side of the sheet parallel to the ground. Hold one third of the sheet to your left and the other two thirds to your right.

Step 2

Wrap the short third of the sheet around your waist once and pin it to the rest of the sheet.

Step 3

Wrap the remaining two thirds around your waist so the long, loose end is in front of your body.

Step 4

Wrap the loose end of the sheet over your chest and across the opposite shoulder. Pull it down across your back and pin at the waist.

Make a Woman's Toga

Step 1

Hold the sheet up at your neck, with the long side perpendicular to the ground. Hold half of the sheet in front of you and half to your side.

Step 2

Fold the second half of the sheet around your back.

Step 3

Pin the top corners of the sheet together above your shoulder and continue to pin from the corner of your sheet to your neck.

Step 4

Pin the other side of the sheet together on the other side of your neck, leaving a hole for your arm.

Step 5

Pin the open side of the sheet together. Cinch at the waist and tie with rope or a ribbon.


Wear shorts and a tank top or a swimsuit under a bed sheet toga to prevent exposing your undergarments.