How to Cut a Crew Neck Sweatshirt

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Things You'll Need

  • Crew neck sweatshirt

  • Measuring tape

  • Fabric Marker

  • Scissors

This is not your grandfather's sweatshirt.

Crew neck sweatshirts are cheap, easy to find and comfortable. What they aren't is fashionable. However, with a few well-placed snips and the addition of a tank top underneath, you can be rocking the 1980s "Flashdance" style with those who spend far too much on designer retro sweatshirts.


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Step 1

Cut the bottom band off of the sweatshirt. You want it to roll up a bit. This will happen naturally after washing, or you can force the issue by stretching it out a bit. For a shorter sweatshirt, cut off more than the bottom band, but you'll probably want to use the measuring tape to ensure an even cut.


Step 2

Measure 2 inches from top of the shoulder seam and make a mark.

Step 3

Cut diagonally down from shoulder mark to the armpit of the sleeve on each side of the sleeve.

Step 4

Measure three inches down from the neck of the sweatshirt. Make marks every 3 to 4 inches, then cut, trying to hit those marks and mirroring the shape of the neck.

Step 5

Wash the sweatshirt to allow fabric to stretch and relax.


Patches, paint and other flourishes can help customizate to your new sweatshirt.