How to Make a Scratch Off Lottery Ticket Gift Basket

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Things You'll Need

  • Basket

  • Scratch-off lottery tickets

  • Small gifts and decorations (optional)

If you're stumped on a gift idea, give the gift that (might) keep on giving. Lottery ticket gift baskets are great ideas for various occasions. They are appropriate for birthdays and winter holidays, and even as thank you gifts, and can be reasonably economical. You can easily purchase a basket from a nearby thrift store for a couple of dollars and fill it with additional inexpensive treats. The main cost is the collection of scratch-off tickets. Another wonderful advantage of the lottery ticket gift basket is that you can create one for your closest friend or a friend of a friend with whom you have nothing in common. Just don't make one for anyone under 18, since they can't legally reap the benefits of any winnings.


Step 1

Give a funny gas station-themed gift basket. Though scratch-off lottery tickets are the primary gifts, accompany them with silly convenience store items. Ideas include lighters, can koozies and a few random household items. Throw in a generic roll of toilet paper or travel-size tissues. Snack items may include miniature packets of candy, cans of snack sausages and a ridiculously cheap six-pack of beer. Use crumpled register paper for filling or tie one long strip into a bow around the handle of the basket.

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Step 2

Create a theme around the style of the lottery ticket. Many states regularly introduce new ticket designs specifically intended for gift-giving. If you purchase birthday-themed tickets, include homemade cupcakes and fill the basket with colorful confetti. In the summer, some southern states sell tickets that feature sweet tea and lemonade. In this case you could include fresh lemons, a bag of sugar, ice trays or a pitcher and a set of tumblers.


Step 3

Employ a group of people to contribute to the lottery gift basket. This could be a great gift idea for a coworker since each person would need to contribute only a small portion of money. Ask each participant to purchase one or more lottery tickets to put in the basket. Also ask each individual to write a short list of items he wants in return in case his contributing ticket is worth big money. This is intended to be purely comical, so lists may include items like "my own private island" or "one paid day off of work."


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