How to Decorate With Brazilian Cherry Floors

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Things You'll Need

  • Light wallpaper or paint

  • Lighter toned furniture

  • Red or brown wall accessories

  • Light-toned rug

Brazilian cherry has these rich tones and hues.

Using hardwood flooring in your home is a wise idea no matter what, as hardwood floors offer your interiors a timeless elegance. However, it's particularly wise to decorate your home with Brazilian cherry wood flooring, as this flooring emits a strong, warm glow of reddish brown. Brazilian cherry refers to a hardwood commonly exported from South America from the Jatoba tree. To take advantage of the hues of this flooring material, your decorating scheme should complement it as strongly as possible.


Step 1

Select a wallpaper or paint color for the walls that contrasts the reddish brown color strongly. For example, colors like yellow, mint green, cream and light blue will more strongly accent the reddish warm tones.

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Step 2

Select lighter toned furniture such as tan or cream-colored chairs and couches as well as blond wood or light painted-over wood furniture to contrast against the reddish brown flooring; this will make it pop out more.

Step 3

Add accessories to the walls that match or evoke the color of the flooring to bring the entire look together. For example, red wood framed mirrors and paintings, reddish brown light fixtures and sconces are all good choices.

Step 4

Add a throw rug or petite area rug that matches the decor of your furniture but which contrasts the Brazilian cherry floor. This will make the space feel even cozier and further accentuate the warm tones of the wood.


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