How to Make a Greek Toga for Girls Without Sewing

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Resemble a Greek goddess by wrapping a toga around your body.

Attend a toga party looking like Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love or Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. Togas are an easy and inexpensive costume to create with a white bed sheet. While you can have a more elaborate design for your toga, this no-sew way will look every bit the part. In addition to the toga, pull your hair into an up-do and drape yourself with gold necklaces to resemble a Greek goddess.


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Step 1

Open the sheet and hold it against your back. If the sheet drags on the floor, fold the top hem down 6 to 8 inches. Hold the sheet up to your back again to ensure that it does not drag on the floor.

Step 2

Lay the sheet down with the fold, if any, facing upward. Grab the corner of the sheet with your left hand. Adjust your hand so you are grasping the fabric 6 inches from the corner. The 6 inches of fabric will be used to secure the toga at the end.


Step 3

Pull the sheet upward and drape across the front of your body. You will continue to hold the sheet in your left hand throughout the draping process; you may need to use your left hand to adjust the fabric, but do not release the corner. Adjust the sheet so it goes over your bust line.

Step 4

Wrap the sheet under your right arm and pull it around the back of your body. Once it reaches the left side of your body, pull it tight. Drape the fabric under your left arm and back around the front of your body, then pull the loose corner of the sheet up to your right shoulder.


Step 5

Hold the sheet in place and wrap the 6 inches of additional fabric in your left hand around the back of your neck. Tie the loose corner and the 6 inches of fabric together in a secure knot. At this point the sheet will be draped around you twice and tied over your right shoulder.

Step 6

Accent the toga by attaching a Greek-inspired brooch over the knot, a thin rope belt around the middle of the toga and a crown of real or faux leaves.


Shorten the toga further by folding it in half. Wear white undergarments under the toga.


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