What Apple Trees Will Pollinate a Fuji Apple Tree?

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Red Delicious apples are good pollinators for Fuji apples.

Apple trees are self incompatible fruit trees and can pollinate neither the flower of a similar apple variety nor themselves. According to the North Carolina University Extension, the best apple quality is achieved through a cross pollination of two different varieties of apple trees which bloom at the same time. The Fuji apple is a Japanese apple which is popular for its color, juiciness and firmness. Fuji apples are late season apples and are harvested in late September and October. Some good pollinators for Fuji apple include Rome, Braeburn, Gala, Granny Smith, Red Delicious and Empire.



Rome apples are one of the best pollinators for Fuji apples. According to the University of Missouri Extension, they are the latest blooming apple trees and hence overlap with the Fuji apple bloom season. Rome apples are also referred to as the baker's buddy and are famous for their good storage quality. The taste of the Rome apples is mildly tart and they are mostly used for cooking. The apples are also very delicious sautéed and baked. Rome apples are harvested in the beginning of September.


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Red Delicious

The University of Missouri Extension states the bloom time for the Red Delicious apple to be a little before the bloom time for Fuji apples. Hence, the Red Delicious is a good pollinator for Fuji apples. The Red Delicious is among the most widely recognized apple varieties in the U.S. The color of the apple varies from a deep midnight red to a striped red. The Red Delicious grown in the western United States are a little elongated in shape while those grown in the eastern part of the country have a more rounded shape. Red Delicious are good for eating fresh or in salads. The apples are harvested in September and are available throughout the year.



As stated by the University of Missouri Extension site, Braeburn apples bloom at the same time as Fuji apples and, therefore, make for a good pollinator. . Braeburn apples are originally from New Zealand and Lady Hamilton and Granny Smith are assumed to be the parents. The apples are widely grown in the United States as multipurpose apples that are good for eating and cooking. Braeburns are juicy and crisp and have a spicy sweet, rich flavor. The apples are harvested in October and are available through July.



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