How Long to Bake Swordfish Steaks

In 1984 the Food and Drug Administration declared commercially harvested swordfish, with mercury levels down, safe to consume. A naturally fatty seafood, swordfish is rich in protein, niacin and B vitamins. An average 3.5-oz. serving has 164 calories.

Baked swordfish makes a nutritious dinner.


The best quality swordfish is harpoon-caught. The flesh is fresh, firm and fine-grained. Other methods of harvesting, such as with long lines, delay the landing of the fish. For the freshest meat, look for the little strip of dark meat to be pink, not brown.

Time and Temperature

Bake swordfish for 10 minutes for each inch of thickness in a preheated 375-degree Fahrenheit oven. To prevent swordfish from drying out, bake it in a covered dish, wrapped in foil or coated in cooking oil.


Swordfish can be plainly baked with water, onions and tomatoes or marinated in olive oil, lemon juice and dried thyme. The mild flesh will work well with most any sauce. Peel the strongly flavored skin off before serving.