What Is the Difference Between Colored Candles & White Candles?

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Because paraffin wax is naturally white, a colored paraffin candle and a white paraffin candle are only different because a candle pigment has been added to the wax to create the color. Other wax types need white candle color added to create a white color.



Candle color is most often sold as solid color chips or as liquid candle color. Color chips may be shaped like a diamond, a square or a disc.

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Solid candle color is highly concentrated. A color diamond that is about an inch long can color four pounds of wax with a medium color. To create light candle colors, shavings from the color diamond are used until the desired color is achieved.


Some candle makers use liquid color because it can be measured with a measuring spoon or cup to create a consistent candle color with different batches of wax.


Beeswax has a natural yellow color. To achieve a white beeswax color requires white candle color. Beeswax that has been bleached white is also available.


Other Types

Soy wax is naturally white, but bayberry wax is naturally gray. It can be colored with white candle color or blended with other candle dyes to change the color of the wax.


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