The Best Color Comforter to Match Cherry Wood Finish

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Cherry wood is a warm shade of brown tinged with red or orange.

Cherry wood is an attractive choice for flooring and furniture as the wood often showcases a reddish brown tinge. A variety of warm or cool-colored comforters will make your bedroom especially cozy or appealingly balanced and will pick up the color of the wood while introducing yet another noticeable hue to the space. The best comforter colors for the room will depend on the shade of cherry wood in the bedroom as well as your favorite decorative colors.



The deep shade of burgundy adds even more sophisticated warmth to a bedroom with cherry wood flooring, particularly if the wood is a medium brown or bronze color with red accents. A burgundy or cranberry-colored area rug on the wood floors to complement the comforter will further emphasize the red hue and make the space appear more inviting. Throw pillows in muted shades of burgundy, along with chocolate brown, gold and bronze pillows are ideal for a room with this color scheme and will break up the intense red hue with shimmery shades that blend with the flooring and are pleasing to the eye.


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The golden, near-orange shade of yellow, or goldenrod, is fitting for amber or butter-colored cherry wood. A goldenrod comforter adds a sophisticated cheeriness to the room and makes the flooring appear a little brighter. For a monochromatic feel, adorn the bed with pastel yellow throw pillows and a lemon-yellow throw blanket, and add a few white pillows to break up the intensity of the yellow. A classic white area rug on the floor will balance the yellow tinges in the flooring, and a brownish goldenrod shade for the paneling will bring more attention to the comforter and floor color.


Olive Green

The subdued green shade of olive is a winning combination when paired with chocolate or berry-colored cherry wood. A grayish green comforter makes dark cherry wood appear more intense or makes it blend well with floors tinged with blue, purple or red berry shades for a room with an understated color scheme. Pairing the comforter with pillows that are the same color as the floor is a sound decorative choice; in this case, the comforter will serve as the attractive break in color. For instance, use an olive green comforter for a bed close to the ground in a room with cocoa brown cherry wood floors, and add dark brown silk oversize pillows to the bed. Or adorn the bed with subdued shades of purple or orange to blend with the flooring and add more visual appeal to the comforter.



This soft shade of purple as a comforter in the bedroom will make the toasted sesame color of cherry wood flooring the feature of the space. The dark shade of brownish purple on the floors gives the area elegance and is particularly impressive when the rest of the room's decor is in light colors. Add a few metallic-colored pillows and blankets to the lilac comforter to add more warmth to the room without competing with the rich color of the flooring, such as silver and bronze pillows and a gold throw blanket. A purple area rug that is slightly darker than the comforter will complete the look of the room, so select a reddish purple or light aubergine shade to complete the bedroom decor.



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