What Is the Size of a Crib Quilt?

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A crib quilt is fast and easy to make, thanks to its relatively small size. You can make a crib quilt for a specific child, or make one for an adult to use as a lap blanket or a wall hanging.


Fit the Crib

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Most baby mattresses are 52 inches by 27 inches, so your quilt should fit comfortably into the crib. Most standard crib quilts are rectangular, measuring about 52 inches by 34 inches.

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Experiment With Pattern

Quilt patterns
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You can modify quilt patterns to crib quilt size by removing the number of blocks needed to make the finished quilt about 52 inches by 34 inches. Alternatively, you can reduce the size of individual blocks by dividing all measurements by two. If your original blocks are 6 inches square, your modified blocks will be 3 inches square, resulting in a smaller, but proportioned, quilt.


Experiment with Shape

Experiment with shape
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Not all crib quilts need to be rectangles. A 36 inch square or a circle with a 40 inch circumference also work as "crib" sized quilts.



Refrain from using buttons
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The quilt needs to be large enough to cover a little sleeper, but small enough so that he doesn't get tangled up inside. Refrain from using small additions like buttons or bows, as these could be removed by a curious toddler.



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Handmade quilts can become constant companions, and the quilt you make for an infant may end up on a toddler bed or even a big kid bed some day. If you anticipate that your child will want to keep his quilt beyond the baby years, you may want to go past the traditional crib quilt sizes.


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