Materials for Making a Key Chain

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Making a key chain is an easy and enjoyable craft for both kids and adults. The materials needed for making a key chain are easy to find, depending on the type of adornment you wish to create.


Every key chain must have a key chain loop, or hook, as its base. These consist of some sort of hoop that can be opened and closed. Some varieties have short chains or extra loops to attach decorations or the keys to.


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The materials for making a key chain serve two main purposes. First, the hoop is designed to securely hold multiple keys. Adding and taking away keys is facilitated through some opening. Chains or lanyards are used to connect to the owner's clothing or hold an adornment.



Most materials for making key chains are quite small. Hoops for multiple keys can be anywhere from 1 inch to 3 inches in diameter. Chains can be anywhere from 1 inch to 2 feet long with a small hook on the end. Decorations attached to key chains are small enough to fit in a pocket: no more than 2 inches in size.


Time Frame

Gathering the materials to make a key chain requires only a trip to a local craft store. Crafting a handmade key chain can usually be done in a couple of hours. More detailed adornments, such as woven lanyards or beaded creations, may take longer.


Fun Fact

Among the most popular adornments for key chains are souvenir items, flashlights, bottle openers, lanyards, compasses, and miniature tools and tape measures. Key chains with marketing emblems make up the bulk of most collections, including the world record collection of 41,148 key chains held by Brent Dixon of Georgia, United States (see Resources).



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