Things to Make With Bamboo Canes

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Bamboo canes can be used to create a calligraphy pen or to a custom headboard.

In addition to being a tasty staple of a panda's diet, bamboo's reed-like canes are a popular medium for a wide variety of craft projects. Bamboo is durable and easy to work with, making it versatile. Bamboo is also hollow, which allows it to be used to create calligraphy pens and wind chimes and even a trellis-style headboard.


Calligraphy Pen

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Create a simple, effective calligraphy pen from a bamboo cane, suggests Global Garden . The only required materials are a sharp knife, a piece of bamboo cane and calligraphy ink. Select a piece of bamboo that is similar in width to a pencil or standard ink pen. Cut the base of the bamboo to a length comfortable for holding and writing easily. Cut the bottom of the ink at an angle to form a fine point. Dip the point of the pen in calligraphy ink and begin writing. Global Garden suggests using undiluted food coloring as a substitute for calligraphy ink.

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Wind Chimes

According to the Making Play Dough website, using bamboo to make homemade wind chimes allows crafters to create a gentler, melodic sound than metal or shell wind chimes. For this project, you will need bamboo canes, a drill, drill bits, two round, plywood bases and fishing line. Begin by cutting bamboo into six pieces. Cut the pieces apart at an angle to create a tapered top and bottom. Using a 1/8 drill bit, drill holes in the top and bottom of each bamboo cane. The round plywood bases should be about seven times wider than the bamboo canes to ensure they all will hang properly. Drill holes equal distances apart around each of the bases. Include one hole in the center of each disk. Thread a piece of fishing line through the holes in the top disks. Secure with a knot. Continue to the thread the fishing lines through the holes on the second disk. Attach a piece of plywood to the center line to create a “hammer” for the chimes. String the bamboo holes to the remaining fishing lines. Hang them at various heights to create varied sounds.


Bamboo Headboard

For this project, you can purchase a garden trellis made from bamboo canes or you can make one yourself. Begin by crisscrossing bamboo canes and screw them together to create an accordion-like shape. After building the trellis, gather oil paints in the following colors: ivory, black, burnt umber and yellow ocher, as recommended by Better Homes and Gardens. Mix together two parts of black paint with one part yellow ocher and one part burnt umber. Add just enough linseed oil to create a consistency similar to a thin sauce. Brush the paints onto the bamboo going with the grain of the reed. Allow the paint to dry for a few minutes; then drag a dry brush down in the opposite direction. This will help remove some of the paint and can create an antique or distressed finish on the headboard. Mount to the wall using hammer and nails.



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