Difference Between Cricut Blades

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Cricut Standard Cutting Blade

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A standard blade is included with the purchase of a Cricut machine. The standard cutting blade cuts through cardstock, vinyl, vellum and fabric up to 1.5 mm thick. The standard replacement blades come two per pack with a red plastic safety cover.

Cricut Deep Cutting Blade

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The Cricut Deep Cut Blade is generally not included in the purchase of a Cricut machine and require a deep cut blade housing. The deep cut blades cut through thicker material than the standard blades and can cut through chipboard, magnet material and foam. These blades have a steeper blade angle and are manufactured with harder, more durable steel. Replacement blades come two per package with a blue plastic safety cover.

Cricut Cake Cutting Blade

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The Cake Cutter blades are made from FDA-approved materials. The Cake Cutter blade cuts gum paste, frosting sheets and fondant with ease. Each package comes with two replacement blades and two silicone housing protectors to help keep the blade housing free of food.

Replacing the Blades

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If your Cricut is tearing paper or not cutting all the way through your materials, you may need to replace or sharpen the blade. You can cut through heavy-duty aluminum foil to sharpen the blade. Cut straight lines, circles and squares to sharpen all angles of the blade. The blades are interchangeable between Cricut machines and the process for changing the blade is essentially the same on each machine.

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