Healthy Animal-Theme Snacks for Kids Parties

No animal-themed children's party is complete without some animal-shaped snacks. You do not have to buy sugar-filled fruit snacks and gummy worms to make mouths water. Making snacks entertaining and interactive will entice children to eat healthy foods they might otherwise refuse. Impress party guests with these tasty, healthy and easy-to-make animal-themed treats.

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Olive Penguins

Cream-cheese olive penguins are sure to amaze at your kid's party. You will need jumbo black olives, small olives, carrots, and cream cheese for this creation. To create the penguin's white chest, cut a slit lengthwise into the side of a jumbo olive, and fill with about 1 tsp. cream cheese. Cut a carrot into feet proportionate to the jumbo olive "body." Cut a small piece of carrot for the penguin's beak. Insert the beak into the small olive for the penguin's face. Place the jumbo olive onto the carrot feet, hole side down. Place the small "head" olive on top, and secure with a toothpick. Line penguins in a row on white waxed paper to simulate icy terrain.

Animal Crackers

Animal-shaped crackers make a healthy store-bought snack. Play the song “Animal Crackers in My Soup” from the Shirley Temple film "Curlytop" while children snack on Barnum's Animal Crackers. These crackers come in cute circus-theme boxes and feature tigers, cougars, camels, rhinoceroses, kangaroos, hippopotamuses, bison, lions, hyenas, zebras, elephants, sheep, bears, gorillas, monkeys, polar bears, seals, giraffes and koalas. The crackers are made from enriched wheat flour. They are low in saturated fat, cholesterol-free and a good source of calcium.

Goldfish Crackers

Serve Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers in blue cellophane treat bags or in a big blue bowl to simulate fish swimming in the ocean. Goldfish crackers come in many different flavors, including cheddar, pretzel, whole grain, Parmesan and pizza. Add more fish to the sea with "Goldfish Colors" and "Goldfish Starfish." Goldfish crackers have less than 1 g sugar and 5 g fat per serving.

Ants on a Log

Ants on a Log is a snack children can help bring to life. Prep by washing celery and cutting celery stalks in half. Spread peanut butter on the stalks. Give children raisins (the “ants") to put on their log. Add honey or jelly for ants on a slip-n-slide. Make sure there are no peanut allergies in the group before choosing any peanut snack.

Animal Sandwiches

Serve animal-shaped sandwiches as the main meal. Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and use cookie cutters to cut them into animal shapes. Follow a theme, such as jungle animals, farm animals or sea animals. For an alternative to peanut butter and jelly, try cream-cheese sandwiches. Mix pineapple or raisins into cream cheese, and spread on white bread.

Jell-O Animals

Jell-O animals make a cool, healthy dessert. Make pans of sugar-free Jell-O before the party. Use kid-approved flavors, such as strawberry, orange and lime. Children will generally avoid flavors they are less familiar with, such as raspberry, peach and black cherry. Give children animal-shaped cookie cutters, and let them cut out their own wiggly Jell-O animals.


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