How Soon in Advance Do I Send Birthday Invitations?

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A few weeks gives attendees enough time to add your party to their schedules.
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Planning a birthday party invariably involves plenty of last-minute running around. Unless you're vigilant about distributing the invitations well in advance of the event, you might be blowing out your candles alone.


The time at which you send birthday invitations depends on the nature of the party, but getting them to your guests with enough notice increases your chance of having a full turnout.

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Distributing With Enough Time

"Parents" magazine recommends distributing birthday invitations between two and four weeks before a child's party. Less than two weeks is inadequate notice, while more than four weeks puts you at risk of an invitee forgetting to attend.


For adult parties, the nature of the event dictates how early you should distribute the invitations. For formal get-togethers, three to six weeks is suitable; for informal events, two weeks or less is acceptable.

Communicating with your party guests doesn't just involve inviting them; send thank-you notes no later than three days after the party.


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