Brilliant Bird Feeders to Impress Your Feathered Friends

Dress up your backyard and attract an array of beautiful birds by hanging one of these handmade or DIY bird feeders.

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The more stressful life gets, the more appealing simple joys become—and feeding birds is certainly a simple joy. It can be downright meditative to be out in nature and observe the wildlife around you. So don't be surprised if hanging a bird feeder in your yard turns into a new obsession with birds.


The best part? You don't have to know a robin from a wren to get real enjoyment from setting up a popular dining spot for neighborhood birds. Before you can act out your own private version of ‌Cinderella‌ and start bonding with your new feathered friends, however, you're going to need a functional yet stylish bird feeder to fill. We've got you covered! Read on for a roundup of artisan-made and DIY bird feeders that might be just right for your yard.

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1. Teacup Bird Feeder

Perhaps serving birdseed out of fine china will attract high-class birds to your yard! In any case, this floral teacup bird feeder from Etsy seller BirdDelightsCo doubles as a piece of whimsical garden art.


2. Upcycled Bird Feeder

DIY bird feeders offer the chance to enjoy bird-watching without spending a dime (except on birdseed, of course!). This tutorial from TikToker @craftygirllifehacks uses little more than a Mason jar, a wooden spoon and rope to craft a simple hanging bird feeder. She transforms the functional feeder into cute garden decor by adding tassels and using food coloring to tint the rope a rosy hue.


3. Bird Feeder Swing

What bird wouldn't want to rest its tired wings on a miniature porch swing, swaying in the breeze? When that swing is full of sunflower seeds or other bird-friendly treats, it will quickly become a popular feeding station for a wide variety of feathered friends.


Porch swing feeders might be the perfect addition to your own backyard, but they also make sentimental gifts for bird lovers. For an added touch, personalize them with a family name or a message for loved ones. Peruse these unique bird feeder swings from Etsy seller TwentySevenUK, who offers international shipping.




Want to keep curious squirrels away from your bird feeder? Attaching a squirrel baffle to the feeder's pole might help keep those critters from eating all the food you put out for birds. Choosing the right bird food can help too. (See note below!)

4. Glass Bottle Bird Feeder

Save your old wine bottles for other upcycled crafts, and buy a handmade glass bottle bird feeder from a seller like Etsy artisan BottlesUncorked. You'll get all the color, sleek design and function of a wine bottle feeder without the hassle and broken glass involved in making your own. Choose from four rich jewel tones.


5. Window Bird Feeder

Setting up a window bird feeder lets you bird-watch from the comfort of your home. There's no need to venture outdoors on rainy or snowy days to visit your feeder. Curious cats and dogs will also appreciate having something new to monitor all day. You'll enjoy getting a close look at backyard birds from your own kitchen or living room with a window feeder from Etsy seller HomeSignStuff. The simple design allows for easy cleaning.


What Are You Feeding These Birds, Anyway?

The kind of food you put in your bird feeder will affect what kind of birds show up to eat. According to the Audubon Society, the best choices for a seed feeder include sunflower seeds, millet, cracked corn and thistle seed. Suet (a mix of fat and seeds) attracts insect-eating birds.

You might have heard that using spicy pepper in your bird seed will keep squirrels away, but this isn't the most humane choice. Instead, try serving safflower seeds, which squirrels don't seem to enjoy.

6. DIY Hummingbird Feeder

Something about having hummingbirds in your yard feels magical. They're fascinating to watch, and they will continually return if you provide a steady supply of fresh sugar water. If you already have a spare plastic food container with a red lid, you can create a no-cost DIY feeder in minutes. Copy the simple method TikToker @tinascountrydoor used, then check out her second TikTok to keep ants from getting into the feeder.



Not just any old Tupperware set will do for a DIY hummingbird feeder. The red top is important, as hummingbirds are strongly attracted to the color—that's why most glass hummingbird feeders have some red components!

7. Toadstool Bird Feeder

If you're looking for truly unique bird feeders, handmade is the way to go. A bird feeder you create with your own hands will never look identical to anyone else's. Use this tutorial from TikToker @home.factory as a template, but feel free to customize your toadstool with fun colors and design elements.

8. Double Bluebird Feeder

Using a mealworm feeder could help attract a whole new flock of birds to your yard. Bluebirds, chickadees, orioles and wrens are just some of the birds who love bugs. Depending on your squeamishness level, opt to use either live or dried mealworms in this double bluebird feeder from Etsy store OrioleCopperFeeders. Not a fan of worms? Skip them altogether, and use the feeder for suet.

9. Mid-century Modern Birdhouse

Okay, it's not ‌technically‌ a bird feeder—but this mid-century modern birdhouse (from ehow creator Beth Huntington!) will definitely bring all the birds to your yard. Build your own and set it up near a bird bath and feeder to create a miniature Palm Springs–style resort complex for your neighborhood birds.

What's that sound? Songbirds rushing to your yard in time for dinner! They'll enjoy the food you provide while you enjoy the charming design of your new wild bird feeder. Taking a few minutes out from your busy life and communing with nature certainly won't hurt, either.

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