Dazzling Christmas Wreaths to Adorn Your Front Door or Fireplace Mantel

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Deck the halls with boughs of holly—and deck your front door, fireplace mantel and anywhere else with a wreath too. Christmas wreaths are one of the most elegant, and not to mention easiest, ways to decorate this holiday season. (Plus, if you go faux, one purchase will allow you to decorate for many seasons to come.) Wreaths can range in style from classic and understated to lush and full, with pinecones, clusters of red berries and ball ornaments adorning them.


While a wreath on your front door is a given, and creates a warm welcome for both guests and yourself, don't feel limited with your wreath placement. Designs that can withstand Mother Nature's unpredictable winter weather could also decorate a fence or be hung in front of a window. Indoor wreaths—ones with delicate materials or one that is versatile for both indoor and outdoor use—could literally deck the halls, add a dose of festive fun to an entryway, or garnish your fireplace mantel.

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Whatever your decorating style, a wreath is sure to make things merry and bright.

What to Consider When Buying A Christmas Wreath

Material:‌ Most faux holiday wreaths are made with hardy, often plastic-based materials that can withstand all the snowing and blowing that a white Christmas guarantees. Good thing, because you wouldn't want to hang a delicate wreath outside that would fall apart with one gust from Old Man Winter. Before buying a wreath though, read the product description carefully to ensure that it can withstand outdoor use—if that's where you want to hang it. Otherwise, go wild with more fragile materials, like dried flowers and feathers, as long as it has a safe home inside. That ensures your wreath will stay in perfect condition to bring out year after year.


How You'll Store It:‌ As much as we adore wreaths, and love the versatility of using a faux one over and over, they aren't the slimmest piece of decor to store. Before you commit to one, ensure you have the proper storage space to keep it the other 11 months of the year—and that you're able to store the wreath without crushing it.


How You'll Hang It:‌ It's totally understandable if you're leery of adding a nail to your door or walls. Before buying a wreath, scan the description for its weight. Most seasonal wreaths will be lightweight enough to use a removable adhesive strip (or two) instead of dragging out your hammer. Then you won't add any holes to your wall, allowing you to move the wreath around year after year, if you're inspired to do so.


Time to decorate! Scroll on for 11 of our favorite holiday wreath designs that you can add to your cart right now.

Image Credit: Ray Kachatorian/Stone/GettyImages

1. National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Wreath with Pine Cones and Berry Clusters

$49.98 at Amazon



$59.99 at Walmart

For a classic wreath design you'll always be delighted to pull out of your decorations bin, let us introduce you to this pre-lit spruce wreath. Its lush, full design features pine cones, berry clusters and frosted branches that will look perfectly in place in a snowy locale. How pretty would it be hung on a fence along with an equally-as-lush coordinating garland? Plus, since it's already pre-lit (hallelujah!), all you have to do is hang it and set the timer—six hours on, 18 hours off—and don't even worry about turning it off before bedtime.


2. Village Lighting Pre-Lit Nordic LED Wreath

$137.49 at Michaels


$149.99 at Overstock

There's no getting around it: This wreath is an investment piece—one that is so vibrant and delightful we think you'd be overjoyed to display it Christmas after Christmas. It's already pre-lit with battery-operated warm white LED lights—50 mini ones—and is bursting with red and white ornaments decorated in Nordic-style patterns. This wreath would add a burst of color to either your indoor or outdoor Christmas decorations, and if you really want to commit to the look, purchase the matching 9-foot-long garland too.

3. Woodland Lamb's Ear Christmas Wreath

$115.95 - $163.45 at Etsy


All of your holiday guests will comment on what a beautiful wreath this is. This handmade design is made on a natural grapevine wreath base and features a melange of eucalyptus, cedar, lambs ear, red berries and more. Since some of the materials veer towards delicate, either find a home for this wreath inside or place it outside in a protected, covered area out of direct sunlight, preferably with mild weather.

4. Bloom Room Christmas Red Rose, Hydrangea & Holly Leaf Wreath

$89.99 at JOANN

Texture, color, romance—this red rose wreath has it all. It's also not explicitly Christmas-y either, giving you some wiggle room if you want to keep it displayed a little longer into winter, or even all year round. This wreath features hydrangeas, berries, pinecones, holly leaves, and, yes, red roses to create a warm welcome for guests in an entryway or a sophisticated feel above a fireplace.

5. Faux Lighted Pinecone Wreath

$73.99 at Wayfair

Add this wreath to your Wayfair cart, and your outdoor Christmas decorations will instantly be elevated to a new level of glam. It's already decked out with ornaments, golden pinecones and 50 clear white LED lights (meaning they're energy-efficient and long-lasting) so all you need to do is decide where to hang it.


6. H for Happy Christmas Ornament Wreath

$20.00 at Bed Bath & Beyond

It's hard not to be in a jolly mood when in the presence of this wreath designed with classic red, green, gold and silver ornaments. Nab coordinating ornaments for your tree and your home decor will be set this holiday season. Showcase this one indoors only though; it's not meant to withstand unsteady winter weather.

7. National Tree Wintry Pine Pre-Lit Wreath with White Lights

$39.15 at Amazon

$50.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

We can picture it now: this wreath, a classic design pre-lit with warm white LED lights, adorning your front door. It'd make for a pleasant welcome every time you come home. There's nothing funny about this wreath; it's a looks-good-forever design with pinecones, red berries, snowflakes and the all-important lights on a timer. Check this one off your shopping list, then continue to contemplate decorating ideas for inside.

8. Christmas Wreath with Pine Cone, Red Berries, Burlap Ribbon & Snowflakes

$39.99 at Amazon


For door decorations made easy, add this berry wreath to your Amazon cart and call it a day. While the evergreen design boasts Christmas colors, it could easily add life and vibrancy to your door all winter long. (We all know that after the New Year hits, we're all in need of a little cheer to make it through the rest of winter.) It'd also look equally beautiful indoors too since it's easy to coordinate with any holiday decorations.

9. Faux Lighted Mixed Assortment Rattan Wreath

$64.99 at Wayfair

If you're the minimal type, keep scrolling. This wreath brings a serious wow factor and would be a centerpiece in any room or outdoor space you hang it in. It's pre-lit with 50 battery-operated LED lights and features an assortment of berries, ornaments and pinecones, all in a full, lush design. Give this wreath a good fluffing once it arrives, then bask in its beauty, no matter where you choose to hang it!

10. Dunhill Fir Faux Lighted Pinecone Wreath

$58.99 at Wayfair

$58.64 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Wreaths don't ‌have‌ to be circular, you know. Here's proof. This lighted wreath, which is pre-strung with 35 white LED lights, features a star shape and would add a bit of greenery to any space—your living room, window, mantel, or, of course, as a door wreath. It's adorned with classic pine cones, red berries and glossy gold ornaments, but the unexpected shape gives it a fresh look.

11. Christmas Artificial Wreath Flocked Pine Cones, Red Berries, and Snowflakes

$39.99 at Amazon

Pine cones, red berries and snowflakes are common wreath features, but this winter wreath mixes it up with partially exposed branches. Whether you choose to hang it bottom heavy or top heavy is up to you, and creates two looks with one wreath. It's traditional with a twist, making it a perfect Christmas wreath this year and for many more to come.