Unique Toppers to Complete the Look of Your Christmas Tree

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There's something so special about putting your Christmas tree topper into place. Even among your tree full of ornaments, string lights, tinsel and garland, a tree topper stands out as the focal point of a Christmas tree. It adds a bit of magic that every tree deserves. You can certainly have a beautiful Christmas tree without a topper, but a topper is a great way to top off your already awesome tree.


The most classic tree toppers are, and perhaps always will be, stars and angels, but there are plenty of more modern tree toppers to consider (there are even modernized stars and angels if you want to stick with what you know). We put together a list of some of the best tree toppers the internet has to offer, including ones that are traditional, pre-lit, multicolor, glittery, whimsical, rustic, funny and all-around unique.

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While most tree toppers don't need to be plugged in, ones that come pre-lit usually require an electrical outlet nearby and possibly an extension cord. Although you can also find pre-lit tree toppers that run on batteries to make things easier.

Take a look below at the best Christmas tree toppers of 2022.


1. CB2 Burst Gold Tree Topper

$16.95 at CB2

This Christmas tree topper will look like a starburst or golden firework on top of your Christmas tree. Made of iron with a gold finish, it's a modern spin on the classic gold star topper and looks stunning from any angle. Even without being pre-lit, this topper has its own shine.


2. Celina Mancurti Wire Star Christmas Tree Topper

$33.50 at Food52


If you're looking for a minimalist way to top off your tree this holiday season, check out this hand-shaped wire star. Made with a flexible spiral base to fit perfectly over the tippy top of your Christmas tree, the star is oversized but won't cause a scene. It gets the job done without detracting from all of your nostalgic and important Christmas ornaments.


3. Pre-Lit Flower Christmas Tree Topper

$20.00 at Anthropologie



Bring a little more nature to your holiday decor with this pre-lit Christmas tree topper shaped like a stunning flower. This steel wire floral topper features 20 warm white LED lights that run on two AA batteries (not included), so you can light up the top of your tree without dealing with running an extension cord to keep it lit. It has an on/off timer to make things even easier.


4. Glitzhome 12" Christmas Angel Tree Top

$20.39 at Michaels

$28.34 at Overstock

This white angel Christmas tree topper is ready for a white Christmas in her cozy faux fur dress and feathery angel wings. Hand-painted and crafted, this decorative tree topper can also sit on a tabletop and work as a centerpiece for your holiday dinners when she isn't adorning the tree.

5. DG-Direct Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper Projector

$20.79 at Amazon

Take your Christmas tree decorations to the next level with this snowflake tree topper projector. This gold glitter tree topper features a 3D, hollowed-out design and creates a bright show by shining snowflakes and patterns onto the ceiling above your Christmas tree. This plug-in topper with a 9.2-foot cord will illuminate your living room and make it feel like a magical winter wonderland.


6. Holiday Time Fabric Star Tree Topper

$9.98 at Walmart

Your kids will love helping you place this red and white fabric star at the top of your Christmas tree, and it'll bring you some peace of mind because the risk of it breaking in little hands is nonexistent. Covered in dark red fabric and embroidered with snowflakes, this topper looks like it could be a DIY project without all the actual DIY-ing.

7. Northlight Frosted Bethlehem Star

$24.89 at The Home Depot

Add the finishing touch to your Christmas tree with this light-up Star of Bethlehem. This plastic frosted tree topper features multicolor bulbs that cast a bright glow in any room. This star comes with 11 bulbs and four replacement bulbs, and it's worth noting that if one bulb burns out, the rest will stay lit.

8. Anthropologie Hedy Tree Topper

$34.00 at Anthropologie


Why settle for one star on top of your tree when you can have several? Take a look at this celestial tree topper that's just as stunning as it is unique. Made of iron, it features gilded stars and flowers that are all adorned with clear crystals. It secures to the top of your tree with two welded-on wires, which is much more convenient than those traditional coil bases. The topper measures 6.5 inches long, 1 inch wide and 6.5 inches high, so it's perfectly sized for most Christmas trees.

9. New Traditions Christmas Tree Topper Bow

$32.98 at Lowe's

Make your Christmas tree look like one big gift from Santa (or maybe ‌for‌ Santa?) with this satin tree topper bow set. It comes with a large red glitter ribbon to use as a tree topper, along with 12 mini bows to add to your tree's decor. Built-in twistable wires make them easy to attach to the tree branches.

10. Santa’s Workshop Christmas Angel Treetop Figurine

$53.54 at Overstock

$68.98 at Lowe's

This beautifully handcrafted Black Christmas tree topper angel has gold wings, a resin face and wired posable arms. She's wearing a deep red and green dress with gold accents and will bring a traditional feel to your Christmas decor.


11. Kitcheniva Santa Topper

$15.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

$16.98 at Amazon

Have yourself a laugh every time you see Santa sitting on top of your tree. This adorable Christmas tree topper features Santa wearing his Santa hat (of course) with arms that can stretch out and be posed how you want them. Now Santa really will see you when you're sleeping and know when you're awake.

12. WildVinesBoutique Owl Tree Topper

$27.75 at Etsy

Whether you have a forest-themed Christmas tree or just really enjoy owls, this cute owl will sit perched atop your tree all holiday season long. The snow owl is a charming twist on the traditional star or angel. It features soft feathers, pine springs, red berries and pinecones, and it can also be used as a unique centerpiece on your holiday dining table.

13. HavenstoneHome Disco Ball Tree Topper

$27.99 at Etsy

If it's always a party at your house, it makes sense to add a disco ball to the top of your Christmas tree. Not only will the disco ball make you want to break out your bellbottoms and '70s dance moves, but it'll also reflect light onto your walls at night when your Christmas tree lights are turned on. The ball itself is made of lightweight plastic with real individual glass mirrors, and it has a hole on the bottom to fit onto your tree's top branch.

14. Pottery Barn Pre-Lit Mirrored Star Tree Topper

$79.00 at Pottery Barn

Illuminated by dozens of energy-efficient fairy lights, this classy golden star will glitter atop your Christmas tree. Crafted of plastic and iron, the star is decorated with mirrors and can be turned on manually, or you can set a timer and enjoy. It does require three AA batteries, which are not included.

15. CB2 Brass Angel Christmas Tree Topper

$39.95 at CB2

If you want to stick with the classic angel on top of your Christmas tree but make it modern, this brass angel silhouette topper from CB2 will do just that. The solid unlacquered brass has a polished finish with no protective coating, giving it the opportunity to patina beautifully over time with a distinct look that's unique to your specific angel.

16. House of Hooray Flag Tree Topper

$52.71 at Etsy

This "All is Bright" flag is a super fun addition to any Christmas tree featuring equally bright and playful ornaments. The flag is handmade using felt and thread, and you can choose the colors you prefer. It's attached to a wooden stick that can be secured to the top tree branch using string.


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