Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving Invitations Your Guests Will Be Grateful to Receive

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Thanksgiving isn't typically a holiday that creeps up on you. Kids are home from school for the week, most people have the day off work, and every grocery store sells at least a million pumpkin-related items starting in September. Not to mention, Thanksgiving is always the last Thursday in November. But even though it's a holiday that never fails to announce itself, sending invitations to the Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving meal you are hosting is always a nice touch.


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Party invitations provide an easy way for you to get all of the party details out to the recipients. They help you keep track of the guest list and they nudge your guests to save the date.

What to Consider When Purchasing Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving Party Invitations

Type:​ In this day and age, there are a few different ways to send party invitations. You can go the old school route and buy physical paper invitations, write in your party's information, tuck them in an envelope with a stamp and snail mail them; you can find a digital design you like, edit the invitation to your liking, then email or text it to your friends and family; or you can go the digital template route and print copies to then send in the mail.


​​Design:​​ You already know that there are practically endless party invitation designs to choose from, which is why we've narrowed them down for you here. Most digital invitations are editable, so even if the template is for Friendsgiving, but the Thanksgiving dinner you are hosting is just for family, you can usually edit it to your liking. Physical invitations, however, are not editable, so with those, what you see is what you get. Of course, there will be blank spaces for you to write any information you want to add, but the design itself cannot be changed.


​Number of Invitations Needed:​ Physical invitations range from 10 to 30 or 40 invitations per pack, so if you're hosting a small potluck or inviting only a handful of guests, sticking to the smaller packs makes the most sense. Most digital invitation platforms allow you to send as many or as few as you want.


​​Cost:​ A pack of physical invitations will typically cost under $15. Many digital platforms like Paperless Post offer up to around 50 free invitations before requiring payment. Premium invitations on the same platform might cost $20 or so for around 25 invites.

Below you'll find our top picks for the best Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving invitations in 2022.


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1. Amanda Creation Gobble Til You Wobble Invitations

$25.99 at Amazon


Invite your loved ones over with these Thanksgiving dinner invitations. Printed on durable paper stock, these double-sided, fill-in invitations are high-quality and adorable. Designed by a crafty mom, both the turkey and the "Gobble Till You Wobble" sayings are sure to make people smile. The invitations are 5 inches by 7 inches and come in a pack of 20 with a white envelope for each.


2. DrawMeAParty Friendsgiving Invitation Template

$4.80 at Etsy


This gorgeous digital template is self-editable and printable. Once you purchase the invitation, you'll gain access to edit on, a template editor that lets you edit text, fonts and colors until you land on the exact design you want. You can then download the file and print as many invitations as you want, or you can send the Thanksgiving card via text or email to your guests.

3. Big Dot of Happiness Pumpkin Patch Thanksgiving Invitation

$15.99 at Amazon

$15.99 at Walmart

Not only are these pumpkin invitations super cute and inviting (literally), they aren't Thanksgiving-specific, so they can also be used for a Halloween party, as general fall party invitations, birthday invitations, baby shower invitations, christening invitations, casual wedding invitations or even a housewarming party. The invites come in a pack of 12 and have space to fill in all your party information.

4. Digibuddha Rustic Thanksgiving Dinner Invitations

$19.99 at Amazon

Whether your Thanksgiving dinner will have a rustic theme or you just enjoy the floral pumpkin and autumn leaves design, you can't go wrong with this pack of 25 Thanksgiving party invitations. Included with these 5- by 7-inch holiday cards are 25 white envelopes so you can send these out without worrying about finding envelopes that fit.

5. ManifestInvites Digital Friendsgiving Invitation

$7.49 at Etsy

There's no better time than the holiday season to feel Thankful AF. Designed for a hip crowd who doesn't mind a little implied vulgarity, this neon digital invitation is a fun way to invite guests to your friends Thanksgiving. The self-editable template can be personalized using Canva from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Once it's edited and ready to go, the invitation can be downloaded and sent out electronically.

6. Crate & Barrel Thanksgiving Digital invitation

Free for up to 50 recipients at Paperless Post

This digital Thanksgiving dinner invitation can be fully customized—from the text to the font to the backdrop to the envelope. Personalize it with your event's details, make or import a guest list, and send it off. You can track the RSVPs as well as who has or hasn't opened the invitation, and you can even take an adult vs. child headcount. Up to 50 recipients are free.

7. Paperless Post Thanksgiving Foliage Flyer

Free for up to 50 recipients at Paperless Post

Invite your friends to your Thanksgiving holiday party with a free flyer featuring pretty fall foliage and instructions to come hungry. If you prefer to switch out the foliage photo and add your own to the photo card, you can do that as well. The flyer can be fully customized, although the template's text is pretty great as is: "Join us for food, catching up and then probably more food." Paperless Post flyers allow for extra personalization by offering animated images to liven things up.

8. Paperless Post Football Friendsgiving

Starting at 2 Coins at Paperless Post

Is it even Thanksgiving if football isn't on TV? If you're throwing a Thanksgiving party where the food will be just as important as the football games, this might be the invitation for you. Almost everything on the card is customizable, so you can change it according to what works for your party. The cost for the invitation starts at two coins and goes up from there, depending on your style choices and the number of people you send it to (for reference, 25 coins is $10).

9. StCroixPaperwork Friendsgiving Template

$7.20 at Etsy

This editable and printable Friendsgiving invitation tells it like it is: " Friendsgiving ... because belts are over-rated." The colorful geometric shapes aren't your typical Thanksgiving design and they certainly don't scream pumpkin pie, making this a modern, chic invitation. Once you've edited the details on the invitation to your liking, it can be downloaded and printed onto 5-inch by 7-inch cards.

10. Big Dot of Happiness Elegant Friendsgiving Invitations

$15.99 at Amazon

$15.99 at Walmart

For the Friendsgiving dinner that's elegant and more on the religious side, these 5- by 7-inch invitations will let your guests know that you're blessed and thankful. This set of 12 invitations can be filled in with your party's information, and it comes with 12 white envelopes.

11. Big Dot of Happiness Happy Fall Truck Invitations

$15.99 at Walmart

$15.99 at Amazon

These playful invitations are shaped like a truck hauling pumpkins. The back has space for the party title, date, time, place, host and RSVP. The set of 12 invitations includes 12 white envelopes, making it quick and easy to get them in the mail.

12. SimplyEverydayMe Let's Eat Thanksgiving Invitations

$2.51 per card at Zazzle

Let's be real, the true star of Thanksgiving is the pumpkin pie. This modern invitation features the slice of pie everyone already can't wait to eat. You can edit the design to suit your party, and you can even choose the shape of the paper. The price is listed per card, so you can order as many or as few as you want. Once you reach 40 cards, you'll save 20%.