How to Make a Winter Scarf Camera Strap

This DIY winter scarf camera strap is so easy that you'll want to make one to go with every outfit.

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Things You'll Need

  • Scarf

  • 6-inch by 6-inch piece of leather

  • Permanent marker

  • 2 D-rings

  • 2 clips

  • Sharp scissors

  • Leather sewing machine needle, 110/18

You could make a camera strap out of any scarf you'd like. I choose this nice warm winter scarf that would go with most anything.

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Step 1

First, measure and cut your scarf so that it is 40 inches long.

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Step 2

Then, fold the piece of leather in half. The straight side of the D-ring will rest inside the fold. Draw a shape that looks like a half an hourglass, with the shortest side on the fold, using the D-ring to calculate its size.

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Step 3

Next, cut along the lines. When you unfold it, the leather piece will look like a full hourglass. Do this twice to make two hourglass leather pieces.

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Step 4

Now, fold the scarf lengthwise. Place one half of a leather piece under one end. Slide the D-ring onto the piece of leather.

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Step 5

Fold over the leather piece so the end of the scarf and the D-ring are sandwiched inside the leather.

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Step 6

Attach a clip to the D-ring.

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Step 7

Switch your sewing machine needle to a 110/18 needle made for leather. Sew the leather piece to the scarf with your sewing machine.

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(Image: eHow Team)

Step 8

Attach your new scarf to your camera.

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Keep it for yourself or wrap it up for the perfect gift to give your favorite photographer this holiday season.

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