Homemade Christmas Tree Costume

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A Christmas tree Halloween costume makes a humorous, incongruous, out-of-season outfit that will make your friends laugh. You can make a homemade Christmas tree costume using household goods and inexpensive craft supplies, and you can be sure that you won't run into other trick-or-treaters with the same costume. If you're dressing up with your family or a group, a Christmas tree costume can work as part of a larger holiday theme including gift, elf and Santa costumes.


Make the Tree

You can use a large piece of green felt to make a tree that will retain its shape, or a green cotton sheet or fabric for a looser tree. Find two large pieces of whichever material you choose, about as long as you are tall. Place the two pieces on a flat surface and use a marker or chalk to draw a basic Christmas tree outline with four or five points on each side for branches. Cut the shapes out. Cut out an oval shape for your face at the top of one of the two shapes. Then sew, staple or hot-glue the two Christmas tree shapes together, leaving the bottom of the tree completely open as well as leaving openings on the sides for your arms. You should be able to pull the Christmas tree costume on over your head.


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Decorate the Tree

Cut out circle and oval shapes from different-colored pieces of felt or other fabric to use as ornaments. Paint the ornaments with glitter glue pens or acrylic paint for added shine and sparkle, and hot-glue them to both sides of the tree costume. You can also attach tinsel or garlands to the tree with hot glue, or draw Christmas lights with markers and glitter glue pens. And don't forget to hot-glue a construction paper or felt star to the top of the tree.


Add Presents

Wrap two shoeboxes in wrapping paper and ribbon to look like gifts, and cut holes in the boxes' tops so you can fit them over your feet. Wear these gift-wrapped shoeboxes on your feet and it will look as if your Christmas tree has gifts waiting under it.



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