Easy Games for Ice Breakers & Christmas Parties

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A Christmas game can get the party going.
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Whether your Christmas party includes a small gathering of friends or a big family reunion, playing a game or icebreaker can enliven any gathering. Most adults and children like games, and icebreakers are a simple way for party guests to get to know each other. If you're looking to spice up your next yuletide celebration, prepare a game or icebreaker that fits the personality of your party and guests.


Pin the Nose on Rudolph

This alternative take on the classic pin-the-tail-on the-donkey will help keep your guests entertained. Using a brown piece of paper, make your own Rudolph with scissors, or print out a free picture of his face. Find a red card or pompom and attach a sticky tack to it, to be used as Rudolph's nose. Using a blindfold, spin the player around three times, and see if she can pin the nose on Rudolph.

Decorate a Gingerbread House

The art of the gingerbread house has evolved greatly since the elaborate gingerbread fairs held in medieval England. It's much easier today to hold a successful gingerbread house-decorating event. Buy premade gingerbread houses and provide icing and an assortment of candy for decorating. You can also find ready-to-build houses, icing recipes and disposable decorating bags at your local home goods store, making it easy to host a creative event that your friends and family will remember throughout the season. Let guests take their creations home after the party.


Human Christmas Tree

This is a great icebreaker that will get people laughing. To play, divide guests into teams, with one member of each team volunteering to be the "tree." Using construction tape, scissors, aluminum foil and clear tape, each team will decorate its "tree" for a few minutes. Then an impartial judge can decide on the winner. Originality and unexpected ideas should be encouraged.

Who Am I? (Christmas Themed)

This game requires minimal explanation and virtually no supplies. Have each guest write the name of a Christmas-related character on an index card and then pass the card to her neighbor. Without looking, each person will tape the card to her forehead, and then walk around the room asking questions and trying to figure out who their character is. Some ideas for characters include Santa, Scrooge, Mrs. Claus, the Nutcracker, Frosty the Snowman -- and of course Rudolph.


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