Instructions for Making a Tablecloth for a 60-Inch Round Table

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When you make a tablecloth for a 60-inch round table, you can choose the length, or "drop," and decide whether to combine two prints or use a one-piece design. It might be challenging to find extra-wide fabric for a one-piece tablecloth, but your finished project will be worth the search, and you'll have a custom-made cloth that will cost a fraction of a ready-made one.


The Basics

When you make a round tablecloth, in addition to measuring the table's diameter, you need to decide how long the "drop" will be. The drop is the distance that the cloth hangs from the table top. A casual-length drop is 10 inches, dining length is 14 inches and formal length is 29 inches.


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You'll also need to know whether you want to make a round top with a sewn-on drop or a one-piece tablecloth. When you make a cloth with a separate top and drop, you have the opportunity to use one fabric with a circular design and another fabric with a horizontal design, which can add visual interest to your cloth.



The most common fabrics for making tablecloths are cotton, cotton-polyester blends, linen and damask. Natural fibers such as cotton and linen will wrinkle easily, especially when washed, and will require ironing.


In addition to fabric, you'll need a measuring tape, scissors or a rotary cutter with a mat, a quilter's pencil, thread and a sewing machine.

Making a One-Piece Round Tablecloth

For a one-piece tablecloth, because your table measures 60 inches in diameter, and standard fabric sizes are 44 and 60 inches, you'll need to purchase extra-wide fabric to make a tablecloth. Calculate the width needed by adding the table's diameter of 60 inches, plus the drop times two, plus a hem allowance times two. For example, with a drop length of 14 inches and a hem allowance of 4 1/2 inches, you would need fabric that measures at least 97 inches wide (60 plus 28 plus 9 inches).


To cut the fabric, fold it into quarters and lay it flat. Cut a piece of string that's half as long as the width measurement (in the above example, half of the width measurement is 48 1/2 inches). Tie a pencil with an eraser to one end of the string and a quilter's pencil to the other end. Measure the string again to make sure it's the correct length. Hold the eraser against the folded point of the fabric. Hold the string taut and use the quilter's pencil to mark an arc on the other end of the folded fabric. Cut along the mark before unfolding the fabric. After cutting, hem the tablecloth.


Making a Two-Piece Round Tablecloth

For a two-piece tablecloth top, the fabric width must include the 60-inch diameter, plus a seam allowance times two. Using a 1/2-inch seam allowance plus the 60-inch diameter, you'd need fabric that's at least 61 inches wide for the top. If your chosen fabric is 60 inches wide, you can use a narrow 1/4-inch seam, which will place the tablecloth top just slightly above the table edge. Reinforce the seam with seam binding.


For the drop, measure the circumference of the table. You can also calculate the circumference by multiplying 60 by 3.14; for this 60-inch table you'll need about 188 1/2 inches of material. It might be necessary to sew two or more pieces of fabric together to encircle the table. If so, be sure to include all seam allowances in your measurements. Sew the drop pieces together into one long piece, without joining them into a circle. Beginning at any point on the top piece, with right sides together, sew the drop piece to the top, easing in the fullness. Sew the side drop seam. Sew the hem.


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