Wrappings for Homemade Chocolate

When you've taken the time to prepare elegant handmade chocolates for gift-giving or fundraising, wrapping them in plain old wax paper -- as you would with homemade toffee or other candies -- doesn't really do them justice. Depending on your budget, your patience and, above all, the time at your disposal, you can find a number of more appealing ways to package your homemade treats.

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The Paper Route

If you like the look of gifts in Kraft paper, you can replicate that appearance with a roll of brown parchment paper or stiff butcher's paper. Parchment can be twisted at the ends, like wax paper, while butcher paper should be folded underneath and secured with a piece of tape, a small sticker or a dot of glue. For a different effect, cut squares or rectangles of both white and brown parchment. Take decorative cutouts from one, then lay it on top of the contrasting color to create a two-tone effect.

Foiled Again

Craft and candy-making suppliers often stock colorful foil wrappers, like the ones used commercially. If you don't have ready access to the pre-cut version, you can replicate them by purchasing a roll of colorful cellophane gift wrap or tissue paper at a discount store. Cut it into squares or rectangles of a suitable size, ensuring that any glitter remains on the outside. Wrap the chocolates in wax paper first, for safety, then in the colorful over-wrap. For a thoroughly professional appearance, purchase small foil or paper cups for your chocolates and tuck then snugly into small, flat gift boxes.


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