Can I Use Shelf Liners As Rug Holders?

A rug holder keeps a rug from sliding around. This prevents injuries, falls and other maladies that may come from placing a rug upon a slippery surface. Many commercial and homemade solutions can be used as rug holders, and one of those solutions is shelf liners. Not all shelf liners are appropriate, however, and the cost of using shelf liner material may be greatly above that of purchasing a commercial rug holder.

Shelf Liners

Shelf liners made from nonskid rubber are an adequate substitute for commercially available rug holders. Decorative shelf liner paper is not recommended, as it will not grip both the floor and the rug. Appropriate shelf liners may appear as a roll or sheet of rubber that has small holes or a waffle-like appearance. Shelf liners that are suitable for use as rug holders often appear the same as miniature rug holders. When using shelf liners as rug holders, the shelf lining may slide of its own volition but may be secured to the rug via a number of methods, including sewing, gluing and taping.

Rug Holders

Unlike commercially available rug holders, shelf liners provide less grip and may still be prone to sliding, depending on the size of the rug. Small, lightweight rugs benefit more from shelf liners than larger, heavier rugs. Commercially available rug holders are almost always sold with a method of attachment or have been tested to ensure that they will not slide around with the rug.

Creative Rug Holder Solutions

Use fabric paint of the "puffy" variety to draw a design on the bottom of the rug. The fabric paint will create a gripping surface that allows the rug to stay put. The design can be any shape, but owners of antique or valuable rugs may find that permanently altering their rug is a less than viable solution. Taping or tacking the rug down may also work. The application of a nonslip fabric to the bottom of the rug, such as moleskin is another solution to keep a rug from sliding. This is costly, but often more attractive than taping, tacking or painting the underside of the rug.