Party Ideas & Games for Single Women

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Single women just want to have fun. Sometimes it's a night out on the town dancing, or dinner and a movie. Other times a simple night in with drinks, good food, fabulous company and games are ideal. In order to plan a successful party everyone will enjoy, carefully consider the interests of each guest and be sure to plan an evening filled with non-stop entertainment.



Before setting any plans in stone, speak with the group of single women you plan to invite about possible themes. Send an email to the group with at least five ideas to get the conversation started. Set a deadline for feedback to ensure everyone has an opportunity to give their input. Filter through the email responses and lean towards the most popular themes and ideas.


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A couple of party ideas for single women may include a clothing swap, a dessert party, a jewelry party, a movie night, an ice cream social, a spa party, a potluck or a cooking night. Other ideas include a Henna party, wine night, a Luau or even a Wii party. Consider pairing any of these party ideas with a slumber party. Have guests bring pajamas and sleeping bags.


Invitiations and Menu

Once a theme is selected, send invitations to the invitees via email or via snail mail. In either case, be sure to make the invitation decorative and theme appropriate. Remember, the invitation sets the mood for the party. With invitations out the door, begin to consider your ideal menu. A party for single women might include cocktails, finger foods and dessert. To make things more exciting, create a signature cocktail for the night that fits the theme.



No party for single women is complete without games. Some unique game ideas you can create before the party starts include, a crossword puzzle filled with clues about living the single life or a word search about the single life. Guests can play these two games while waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive.


You may also introduce a purse treasure hunt game. Come up with a list of items commonly found in a single woman's purse. The guest who has the most items in her purse wins the game.

Also, consider purchasing games like the Sex and the City Trivia game, Scattegories, Monopoly and Pictionary at your local superstore to keep the night moving.



Send each single woman home with a special treat so they remember their night. Items like lip gloss, bath beads, tea, slippers or a special book would work great.


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