Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes for Adults

Being an adult doesn't mean that you can't dress up for Halloween. In fact, dressing up can be just as fun as an adult as it was when you were a kid. If you need a costume for a party, for the office or to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters, there are many fun and creative ideas that you can make yourself and that won't cost a lot of money. With a little imagination and time, you can make a costume that rivals anything store-bought.

Made from Boxes

Large boxes can be used for a variety of different costume ideas, including a deck of cards or an individual playing card, such as an ace or a queen of hearts; a remote control; your favorite cereal box; a birthday present with a large bow; a picnic table with glued-on paper plates, cups and silverware; and a board game. Before decorating your box, cut two holes for your arms to poke through as well as a hole large enough for your head to fit through. Cut out the bottom completely to allow for easy walking. Decorate the box using latex paints and markers, and glue on whatever embellishments you will need to accomplish your design.

Tights, Leotards and Sweats

There are many costumes that are simple to create from a foundation of either tights and a matching leotard or a sweatshirt with matching sweat pants. You can be a black cat with a tail made from wire wrapped with black ribbon, a black skunk with a white fabric stripe sewn or glued down your back, a brown or gray dog with cardboard ears and a wire ribbon tail, a green turtle with a cardboard shell attached to your back or a pink ballerina with a tutu and dance shoes or slippers.

1970s and 1980s

Chances are you will find everything you need for decade-themed costumes right in your own closet; if not, take a trip to a local thrift shop. For a 1970s costume for a man, add some artificial sideburns to your existing hairstyle and put on a pair of bell bottoms with a polyester button-up shirt. Platform shoes and a gold chain around your neck will complete a groovy look from the disco era. For a 1980s female costume, wear stonewashed jeans tucked into leg warmers with oversized layered t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Braid your hair the night before so that it looks permed when you take out the braids, then tease and spray the top for that "big hair" effect. Put on large hoop earrings and blue eye shadow.

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