Homemade Ketchup Costume

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If you need a clever Halloween costume, consider dressing up as a ketchup bottle. You can make an easy costume without ever touching a sewing machine. The costume does not require a lot of materials and can be made in no time at all. You can personalize the label to add a funny touch. Dress up with a friend, who can go as mustard or mayonnaise.


Materials Needed

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You will not need a lot of materials when making your ketchup costume. The majority of your costume will be a red sweatsuit or a red turtleneck and red leggings. You will need iron-on transfer paper (to make the ketchup label), a printer, witch's hat and red felt. If you want to paint your face, you'll need white or red face paint.

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Body of Costume

Before you put your red sweatsuit on, you will need to make your ketchup label. The easiest way to do this is to buy a Heinz ketchup bottle and copy the label. On your computer, create a label that looks similar to the bottle's label. Be sure to make the label big enough to show up on your costume, as the label is the key to the costume. You can personalize the label to make it funny or just make it exactly like the real label. Make a separate label for the back of the shirt. Copy the label that is on the back of the bottle. Print the labels out on your iron-on transfer paper. Once your labels are made and printed, iron them onto your shirt.


If you do not have a printer, you can simply copy the label with a black permanent marker on a piece of white felt. Glue the felt onto your shirt with fabric glue.

Squirt Top

You can make an easy squirt top out of a witch's hat. Use red felt to cover the hat by gluing the material with fabric glue. This is the perfect finish to your outfit. Wear red socks and shoes. Paint your face red or white to finish off your ketchup-bottle look.



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