Ideas for Senior Citizen Prom Parties

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One activity to hold at a senior citizen center is a prom night. Hosting a prom for senior citizens lets everyone dress up, dance and feel special. A prom for elderly folks is slightly different than a prom for teenagers so there are some extra considerations to take into account to ensure everyone has a memorable time.



Choose a theme that senior citizens would like, such as Hollywood movies, the 1940s or 1950s, Mardi Gras or a masquerade ball. Plan on themed decorations for the ballroom. For example, with a Hollywood movie theme, hang movie posters and order life-sized cutouts of famous movie stars. Show an old movies on the wall or screen. For a masquerade ball theme, give all the guests feathered masquerade masks, serve appetizers on silver trays and bring in a mirrored ball to add sparkle and mystery.


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Play old favorites at a senior citizen prom party. From the Big Band era to rock and country, hire a versatile DJ to handle a wide range of tunes from different eras. If possible, book a live band for a more festive environment. If the seniors have a song request, encourage them to ask if it can be played.



Open up the prom party to all ages. Invite the families of the senior citizens, or open it up to a local youth group to attend and dance with the elderly. Most seniors would welcome the chance to dance with a handsome young man or beautiful young woman. Offer community service credits to the youth in exchange for their time and energy.



Besides just dancing, set up a couple of activities for the seniors to participate in. Have a trivia contest, karaoke and a scrapbooking station where seniors can look through old photo albums and share stories with each other.



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