Homemade Superman Costume

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Clark Kent as Superman doll

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Halloween and you need a costume. You'd like to be Superman, but store-bought costumes are cheesy and expensive. Ditch the annoying tights and cape this year for a more flattering approach to a traditional character costume. A homemade Superman costume is easy and unique, especially when you're dressing as Clark Kent as Superman.


Clark Kent vs. Superman

Clark Kent turning into Superman

Clark Kent is Superman's alias in the real world. A traditional Superman costume for Halloween is an option, however a Clark Kent as Superman costume is more unique, easier to make yourself (to look professionally done) and isn't as embarrassing for the lower regions. By dressing up as Clark Kent as Superman instead of the traditional Superman costume, you'll be wearing a costume of a disguise, which is basically what the Clark Kent persona is for Superman.


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The Suit

Dressed as Clark Kent with a suit

Any suit for the Clark Kent as Superman costume will work, but blue, black or gray suits look best. A blue or white dress shirt also words best; however, any dress shirt will work. A tie is also necessary. Clark Kent's suit, shirt and tie should be coordinated and appropriate, such as those of a standard businessman. Pinstripe or any wild-colored attire should be avoided for the Clark Kent look. Include a belt and matching dress shoes. These are all items you can rent or buy for Halloween. You can even pick up a decent suit in a thrift store.


Turning into Superman

Guy dressed as Clark Kent as Superman

When there is an emergency in Metropolis (where Superman/Clark Kent lives and works), Clark Kent will slyly emerge from his suit and appear in the Superman outfit. In comic books, movies and cartoons, images of Clark Kent with his dress shirt popped open, revealing the Superman logo from his Superman suit underneath, can be seen. This is the look you'll achieve with the costume. Simply get a Superman T-shirt to wear underneath the dress shirt. The costume consists of the suit, with the dress shirt unbuttoned from the belly-button up, exposing the Superman logo from the T-shirt underneath.


Topping it All Off

Clark Kent as Superman with glasses

Clark Kent's glasses are a major component with this costume. Without them, you are not Clark Kent. It is the glasses that separate Clark Kent from Superman in appearance. These glasses are big, square-like spectacles seemingly out of the 1970's. There are two options for the glasses with the Clark Kent as Superman costume. You can either wear the glasses or carry them with you. Having the glasses with you in hand at a Halloween party makes for a great conversation piece and something to use to meet new people.


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